Team Building & Training

I’m headed to the E4 and want to trim my team down to around 7 or 8 to IV & EV train. I have talked before about the New Moon & Hone Claws combination, so my strategy has based mostly around that and I have mixed in baton pass as well. I’m sharing a picture of the Pokemon that I primarily use. All my pokemon have favorable natures, and all level 70. About half are IV trained, none are EV trained. Not posting movesets/items for all of them for the sake of space, but I can share them if you are interested.

Any advice for narrowing down a team, team building in general, or just advice with the pokemon pictured would be appreciated. Even suggestions of Pokemon to add would be great.

Is the Blaziken Speed Boost? If so, you can use your Mew to Baton Pass it Sword Dance boosts.

Yep, Blaziken is Speed Boost. Been using Blaziken and Gliscor as my Hone Claws boosters with Baton Pass. They have made a good combo, but they share a water weakness, and that has kept me from using them together a lot.

You can use Delta Snorlax to absorb Water attacks. I don’t think the Elite 4 uses any though.

Edit: They do, but only 1 or 2