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New Delta Magnemite Line

So most of what I’ve made for this game has been music (if you want to check those out, you can find them here and here), but I wanted to try my hand at making a delta line.

So here’s Delta Magnemite:
delta Magnemite fix Big Version
Here’s Delta Magneton:
Delta Magneton Big Version
And here’s Delta Magnezone:
Delta Magnezone blackground.png
And here are the shinies:
delta Magnemite shiny fix Big Version
Delta Magneton shiny Big Version(1)
Delta Magnezone shiny blackground
I decided to go for a typing that hasn’t been used by any deltas in the game yet: straight NORMAL type. This delta line is all about healing moves. Recover? Got it. Giga Drain? Sure! Healing Wish? You betcha. If it can heal, the Delta Mag’s probably got it. They are highly defensive and special defensive, but are probably going to be low on attacking power and speed.

Their ability options are:
And their hidden ability:
Volt Absorb

And I went a bit crazy, so I made back and world sprites for them, too. Because why not?
Here’s everything in its proper sizing.
delta Magnemite fix-1.png delta Magnemite shiny fix-1.png deltamag back-1.png deltamag back shiny 2-1.png World Deltamag World Deltamag Shiny
Delta Magneton Delta Magneton shiny (1).png Delta Magneton Back-1.png Delta Magneton Back shiny-1.png Delta Magneton World Delta Magneton shiny World
Delta Magnezone-1.png Delta Magnezone shiny.png-1.png Delta Magnezone back-1.png Delta Magnezone back shiny-1.png Delta Magnezone World fix Delta Magnezone World shiny fix
Please feel free to leave any comments, constructive criticism, or questions! Thank you for for your time.
(By the way, this post is getting too long already, but I will give the Pokedex entries upon request.)


Epic sprites, by the way
Maybe it could be a diary type as well? Idk

I thought about that, but there are a ridiculous number of fairy type deltas. I’m thinking more around the lines of Porygon and Audino for this one.

Ah, I see your point. Nice choice! :+1:

Can I say how I absolute love Magnetone? I mean, it’s adorable!
Nice job for everything else too tho.

Yeah, Magneton’s probably the one I’m most proud of.

P.S. the eyes on it kind of tell a double narrative. On the one hand, they line up to make a heart, but on the other, the two on the top are cuddling and the one on the bottom is annoyed about it!