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I made a custom song for Helios City!

So I previously made another song for this game for the Library area, and I was thinking of other places that needed their own tracks. And then the obvious answer came to me: Helios City! So here’s my take on a custom song for the area.

If you’d like it to play in game, download it and then place it in the BGM folder of Pokemon Insurgence’s files. Then rename it to “Insurgence003.ogg” and remove the original song by that name.

Unfortunately, this will replace the background music for some other areas of the game too, considering that Helios city doesn’t have its own unique track, but you can always move the original file back when you want to!

Anyways, still really enjoying the game! If any devs happen to see this, I want you to know that you’ve done something incredible. Okay, bye!

yes, Yes, and another YES! I really need this in the game, sound so magical, yet cool! :smiley: