Mystery Gift & Server Question

Hi, First, thanks for such an amazing game! I am a new player (downloaded yesterday 10/23) and was looking to get the mystery gift. It says that there are no new gifts, so I thought maybe I had to connect via the PokeGear first. I was unable to connect there, with it timing out and restarting the first time, and then saying that either the server or my connection is down. I am on a Mac, but have a deactivated firewall.

As I am not smart with computers, I was wondering if there was a quick fix or anything I might do on my end in order to connect/obtain the really amazing Delta Wooper. I looked around the forums for similar issues and couldn’t find anything, but I apologize if I missed something.

Again, thanks so much for the game, really really enjoying it.


First of all, make absolutely sure you are on the newest version, that is, the version that can be found here:

If that doesn’t work, try the following:

Alternatively for some users restarting their Mac has worked in the past.

If that doesn’t work, I am willing to make a new save file, get the wonder gift, and grind until I am up to where I can trade, and then trade it to you.

Or I can trade it to you through my 3rd save file.

Just anyPokemon would be fine.