My run of last fire red (Shiny only)

After losing many many many many many (X 20) on Radical red. I felt like i needed a break from the hugely competitive game and decided to do a playthrough on The last fire red.

Actually i was thinking about multiple rom hacks which i wasn’t going to share/ post my run to anyone just play by myself. The options was Blazing emerald, The last fire red or Clover.

Last fire red is one of the coolest rom hacks I’ve seen so far and i just decided last minute to do this.

This run is I’m suppose to shiny hunt whenever i beat a gym / find a shiny. (maybe make more goals too)


Faints: 2

  • Scorbunny
  • Grookey
  • Sobble

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Dont worry on 3 separate Game cartridges i shiny hunted them all, all within 6000 resets surprisingly.


Your mom gives you a shiny charm to start the adventure

Ha i pulled an Sbeve

all galar starters are broken
water:100% crit chanc with right stuff
Grass: has grassy surge

hidden abilites :confused:
They are broken b/c galar is easy
@IndianAnimator pls vote :

@PeterHolmes74 @ezlaturbo @one_above_all @Boggaspotatoe
im closing it in about an hour

Well let me post my advenutures up to the starters.

It automatically puts me as a boy.
Also my mom cares unlike Radical red where i just run out and never see her again

Ye thxs mom

lets run away with our parents knowing

Pokemon: its free real estate

Roaming pokemon

Game is too cool


yes spirit me away pigeotto

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LOL :laughing:

HUH part 2


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Rotom chilling in the back

gary is spoiled

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yep. always talking trash :thinking: