My run of last fire red (Shiny only)

Might be grookey

its easy to raise

Looks like

then how is it still a grookey

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its a monke. idt monkes are ez to raise

Yeah, monke rules

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Ok grookey won.
So my next shiny encounter will be Rokidee. before the 1st gym
Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:

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i have grookey with calm nature :frowning:

for some god damn reason. Last fire red keeps crashing while im trying to fight a trainer
Spending ssso much time Sr.

It worked, just had to disable it from loading in too many sprites at once. The gameboy cant handle it all.
i just don’t want to do emulator

rival? second?

Trippy richie

Oh god my 60 fps…

rom hack?


When i said this i forgot to show grookey.
i actually got him with adament somehow

Health Iv 0 :slightly_frowning_face:

But peter looking good :sunglasses:

still shiny hunting rookidee. Might come out with 2 pokemon i do not know, thats all bye