My guide for the E4/Pokémon meta discussion hub

Without the right prep, Kayla will wipe you out.

But taunt will shut her down pretty fast. If you don’t set up taunt, you can get rid of her stat changes with clear smog. Her Sylveon and Scizor are annoying but they go down quickly with the right strategy. A good fire type like D. Chandelure takes care of Scizor easily, and any good Steel or Poison type shoots sylveon easily. Any dark type gets rid of espeon, and Gengar walls Mega Slowbro. For Blaziken, Water types beat it easily.

For Eduard, use taunt on his first Pokémon and then setup and sweep. Choice Scarf Delta Garde murders, so she is also a good choice. Delta Scyther also can sweep with Hustle and 1-2 hone claws. But be wary if you’re trying to set up because anything with half a decent attack stat and stab will on shot it. Aegislash stops both in their tracks however. So a good fire type would be a nice check, like delta Chandelure. Excadrill is also a problem for D. Garde, so Scyther may be a better choice.

Yuki can be difficult without the right prep. A good 1/2 of her team are weak to steel, but the rest are weak to ghost, save for Rotom-Freezer. Aegislash can counter most of her team though. But for Rotom-Freezer a good fire-type or Mold Breaker Excadrill would be a good choice. Hail is a problem because it chips a lots but potions outdo it’s damage. Not to mention Mega Cryoganal’s SLEET, which will kill you in 5 turns if you don’t have the right pokemon. Strong physical attackers get rid of it easily, not counting super effective damage.

Last is London. Your fast pokemon will have to take the backseat here. He uses trick room and can smash super fast teams. I recommend delta Zard or delta Milotic. Dark types work even better as their immune to most of his team. But be wary of his hard mode delta golurk. It’s fighting to get past dark types. Other than that this one isn’t too difficult. Freeze-Dry Users take out half the team, and a good fire type like D. Chandelure checks that scizor. Ghost/Dark types take out Mega Reuniculs and Jellicent. So Aegislash of Bisharp can prove useful in this battle.

The champion is Reukra and probably beats Cynthia in terms of difficulty.

But half of his team is killed by Choice Scarf Excadrill’s EQ, considering that you can get an HA Drilbur in Friend Safari right after the 8th gym. (1ofthe4rocketbros, in case you wanted to get it) Flygon will get walled by Mega Mawile, and Kyurem gets walled by any fairy, steel or fighting type. Shadow Mewtwo is murdered by bug types so bring a good one along for a ride. Considering that you can get a Spidergross before the elite four and a lot of Reukras team is also weak to ground, this is a pretty solid choice.

Let me know if anything in this guide should be changed. Thanks for reading!


Actually the best for Ed is D. Scyther, who can set 1 or 2 hone claws then Hustle sweep. A good pair who destroys the entire E4 is Armored Ttar and Sand Rush Excadrill. LO Iron Head SD EQ Rock Slide gets you through most of the E4, just make sure to give it XScissor for Reukra so you can destroy Shadow Mewtwo. Vs London, Beijing a pokemon with Sub, Protect, or Trick Room to stall it out or reverse it, and possibly set up.

I didn’t choose delta scyther because garchomp is fast and hits like a truck. And I imagine not everyone is going to have perfect Ivs and nature’s and ev train them to the max just for one Pokémon


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Ok, but D. Scyther has 105 Base Speed while Garchomp has base 102, so if trained you don’t need Ice Shard, but it exists.

Yeah but I if it gets hit by anything with neutral damage and semi decent offensive stats it’ll go down in one shot

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Plus you can just prankster will o wisp it and it’s useless

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Well, does Eduard have that? No. Also, if you have to, Sash and Hone Claws Hustle gives you this:

+1 0 Atk Hustle Scyther Ice Shard vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Garchomp: 436-520 (122.1 - 145.6%) – guaranteed OHKO

Neutral Nature, no investment in attack, just Hustle and a Hone Claws. My setup is here:
Bashful Nature
Ability: Hustle

  • Ice Shard
    (Typing is Ice Fighting)

Garchomp @ Rockium Z
Jolly Nature
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

  • Stealth Rock
  • Earthquake
  • Stone Edge
  • Swords Dance

(Side note, the only pokemon with Prankster T-wave/Will-O-Wisp are M. Banette, Sableye, Klefki, D. Gren, D. Amoongus, and Thundurus) No Elite 4 member uses a Prankster mon.

252 Atk Garchomp Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Scyther: 196-232 (69.7 - 82.5%) – guaranteed 2HKO

And even if both are beasts no one would choose scyther over some of the other ice deltas like gard and Gallade. Why take up two slots that you can switch up with two better mons. I’m not saying scyther because even with good speed and attack, it’s bull is almost non existent. As I said during the London phase scyther a gonna get destroyed if you have to switch into it. It’s weak to his team and is so fast that anything on London’s team would annihilate it. That’s why I didn’t put it there. Even with speed and attack AND hustle it’s too frail. Scizor has slightly better bulk. I didn’t use either on my e 4 run because I knew they would lose instantly, especially with me running a better mom for the e4 over all. They fit a very specific niche, and if something outspeeds it or survives a hit, which can happen pretty easily, it’s lights out for them.

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I made a warning for people using Delta Scyther

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that would be the same case for d scizor though :moyai: even with it’s higher attack stat the scyther could have most likely gotten a hone claws or 2 up

it’s also better sack material imo as it’s more likely to get killed for you to bring in a diff mon

while if d scizor’s bulk might allow the opposing mon to set up

sorry for intruding on this but I just had a few things to point out :moyai:

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That’s why I said Excadrill, as he abuses sand too. He can reverse sweep. Also destroys Reukra(X-Scissor) and Yuki.

Yeah Excas rly good against the e4 if u bring ttar and d scyther