Elite Four Team

I want to prepare for the Elite 4 early my current team has
Mega Eevee, thunderbolt, psychic, moonblast, foul play
Nidoking Holding: Leftovers, return, venoshock, earth power, megahorn
Delta Ludicolo (I have absolutely nothing),
Aegislash Holding: Life Orb, shadow sneak, swords dance, sacred sword, king’s shield
Delta Gardevoir, calm mind, thunderbolt, ice beam, focus blast
Delta Ambipom, fake out, shadow punch, return, drain punch
II’m looking for help with moves, items, and even different pokemon if that’s what you think is best.



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SCARF IT! Yet, if you want a better option for the E4, Focus Sash Hone Claws delta scyther should always be your #1 pick.

If you can find someone to make this thing HA, and give this thing Achillies Heel, it is automatically your BFF. I can give you a better set if you would like.

Get excadrill. So much better. Go to friend safari, type in “1ofthe4rocketbros” and you can have a 20% chance of getting mold breaker drilbur, which is AMAZING.

Meh. I have seen worse. @PeterHolmes74, help me out here would you? Also, get a Taunt mon. So good for the E4.

Bolt Beam. Moonblast. Foul Play. You are set.

I did a full depth analysis with the help of @Emerald24111, so go check that out.

Group Calling: @PeterHolmes74 & @ezlaturbo.

Thanks for the help I’ll look into what sets I think I could run with the suggestions

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What would moves would you suggest giving it?

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Here is a set from my series, you should read it.
I recommend this set.

btw how can I get the HA other than breeding

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It is postgame, so you would have to find some one to ha it for you on the #online:trading part of the forums.

Is the HA really all that important to the set though?

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Well, yes it is.It boosts the power of fake out and shadow punch by 1.5, not to mention Achillies Heel to a blistering 202.5 base power. But I can give you a different pokemon.

do you know anyone who might be able to help with getting the HA?

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IDK. I would say @GiaPeNiw, or @Aki. Gia is asleep tho, so don’t ask him :sweat_smile:

ok thanks ill try asking them thx for all the help!!!

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I was called

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@JojoBoss247 suggested asking you for help with getting the HA for my delta ambipom

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@JojoBoss247 why’d you ping me?

Didn’t see this because of school stuff.

If possible, get jolly. Would you like a set for it?

Nv read the rest of the posts.