Mega Typhlosion (Analyzed ep.4)

“I’ve opened the gate of hell, so don’t keep the devil waiting.”
-Mega Typhlosion

Hi guys, girls, erupting hedgehog and everything in-between! Now tackling a favorite of mine, Mega Typhlosion. Every time I used it, it go monstrous results.
Sweet memories…
Be warned, since there is no competitive usage stats avaliable, I do not have any reliable ways to accurately predict the metagame. This analysis is theoretical and does not entirely reflect a Pokémon’s viability.

Typing, Stats, Abilities & Movepool

Ability: Hubris (Blaza/Flash Fire (DW) before mega)
Hp: 78
Atk: 89
Def: 88
SpA: 159 (160 in the simulator)
SpD: 110
Spe: 110 (109 in the simulator)

The buff he receved in speed might not seems important, but it actually is a HUGE buff. By adding one speed point, he now outspeed Keldeo instead of Speed Tie with, se he now win his duel unless scarfed.

For those who don’t know, Hubris is the special counterpart of Moxie. This means he get a SpA boost every time he knock something out. This gives him an increadible sweeping potential alongside his 110 base speed and his 159 special attack. For comparition, he has 4 base SpA more than Mewtwo.

His worst assets is its movepool. As he is almost a Charizard clone without the flying type, he doesn’t have a very great special movepool. He still have what he wants however.

Sets Suggestions

I have one set, but ho boy it works well.


Typhlosion @ Typhlosionite
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
IVs: 0 Atk / 30 SpA
Timid Nature
-Fire Blast/Flamethrower
-Hidden Power Grass
-Focus Blast

Eruption is used alongside Flamethrower or Fire Blast in case its HP runs low. Fire Blast is stronger than Flamethrower, but his 85 accuracy is notoriously unreliable at times and it has lower PP. Flamethrower is a safer yer riskyer alternative. Fire Blast become stronger than eruption at 73% of health (eruption now has 109 BP) and Eruption have the exact same power as flamethrower at 60%.

Hidden Power Grass is effective on every most fire neutral/resistant Water types. Exceptions includes Empoleon and Delta Haxorus. It also hits most Rock and Ground types for supper effective damages. Focus Blast is used against Heatran whe completely walls this set. If Toxapex existed, he would have required Extrecensory but he doesn’t.

Other options

Solar Beam miht be usd on Sun Teams, but let’s face it, Mega Charizard Y is better suited for these teams in the first place. Flame Charge is a way to avoid revenge killing by most scarf users like Landorus-T or Keldeo, but he then cannot bypasses most Waters or get stopped cold by Heatran. Eruption might be switched for either of the two previously mentionned moves, but he looses most of his firepower that way. Other Hidden Power types like Ice for Dragons are generally inferior to Grass.

Good Teammates

  • Tangrowth and Amoonguss and other grass types pivot into most Water Types as like Keldeo check them.
  • Landorus-T provides Stealth Rock support while also checking Heatran and, when scarfed, neutralize faster threats.
  • Deffog users in Zapdos and Latios are crutial, as they removes the very annoying hazards. They also both check Water and Ground types. Zapdos can zap them untill they faint while Latios counter Keldeo and can recoveer on some of them.
  • Water Types really love how easy it is for Mega Typhlosion to get rid of Ferrothorn and the other grass. As such, Keldeo, Starmie and Azumarill. Bulky Support Starmie in particular can outspeed other base 110 speed, absorb status thanks to natural cure and use Rapid Spin.
  • Pursuit users like Tyranitar and Weavile can get rid of Gengar and the latis twins to clear the way for a sweep.
  • Wallbreakers can weaken the opposing team in order to let Mega Typhlosion sweep.

Checks and coutners

  • Latios and Latias resists all of his potential move unless HP Ice. Even more if Soul Dew is allowed.
  • Heatran only fear Focus Blast.
  • Priority Attack hits his weaker defense and most of them are powerfull enout to knock him out.
  • If he did not KO anything, Fire resitant Specially Defensive Pokémon can handle him fairly well.
  • Entry hazards are the things Mega Typhlosion fear the most. Being Stealth Rock weak and vulnerable to both Spikes and Toxic Spikes (without mentionning Sticky Web) cuts huges portions of his Hp, and thus weaken Eruption.


He is an amazing sweeper in the Insurgence OU Metagame. Top Tier wothout hesitation. Always living in Charizard’s shadow, he now got the mega he deserves to clam his dominence. While not uncheckeble, he represents the Snowball effect like no others.

What should I do next? Here are some choices:

  • Keldeo
  • Mega Ferraligatr
  • Mega Crawdaunt
  • Mega Gyarados
  • Latios
  • Others
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How? JUST HOW? God you are good at this.


Also, can you do M. Haxorus next?


I only use my brain cells. I watched so many Pokémon analysis and competitive history that I learned how to do it. I almost replicate Smogon’s format and it works.


That explains it. I have no cells.


I wouldn’t say sap sipper/whirlpool azumarill is at all viable lol. The sole reason to use azu is belly drum huge power aqua jet

Still a check ig lmao


You shouldn’t underestimate Specially Defensive Azumarill. He tends to be used on Stall Team as a perish trapper and the treats still exists. And also, Mega Typhlosion’s usage might make defensive Azumarill usage raise. It is a total stop to Typhlosion as previously mentionned, but also Serperior, Ferrothorn, Mega Venusaur lacking Sludge Bomb and non-Rain Dance manaphy.

And don’t forget Choice Band still exists. He does not need to setup to be neir Groudon’s attack stat.

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imo running 1 pokemon just to counter another that already has better pokemon to use against is not really optimal.

it’s bulk is decent, but it has no survivability bc of lack of recovery options

it’ll also take 2 turns to set up perish trap which again, is somewhat not optimal unless you get a good read


it may also counter those pkmn as mentioned, and water fairy is a great typing, I just don’t see it rising in the meta


True… I’ll get off the counter list.

Do M. Haxorus, D. Hax, or D. Magmortar/Electivire, cuz those 2 are now OU viable.


isn’t D magmar better?

or am I just thinking of rain teams


I want an analysis on its Delta counterpart, I feel Mega D. Typhlosion with sticky web support in a rain/new moon team could be really interesting


Totally agree with ya here


THANK YOU @PeterHolmes74!


wait I remembered…NECRO! :man_facepalming:

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solo run?

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I’m guessing so

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idt so, they traded for it