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Kalos Pokemon Sprite Improvment Mod

In generation 6 all the pokemon were made 3d and fangame creators created 2d sprites for the gen 6 pokemon HOWEVER. Some where low res or just plain bad. No offense to the creators tho.

I went out of my way slowly making sprites for every single gen 6 pokemon in HG/SS style which is the style insurgence uses. i went ahead remaking each and every sprite most of them were backsprites but i also improved some frontsprites too.

Again i havent done megas or greninja type forms. So this is still wip but all gen 6 pokemon are done and zygardge forms are all done.
Again u might have seen my primal groudon sprites. which i cant release yet. i still have to do kyorge sprites. Now im gonna put that mod on hold right now my main focus is making Froakie,Frogadier,Greninja sprites with thier respective type sprites and if ur up making them (shinies too) PM me.

What this pack includes:
All gen 6 pokemon backsprites and shinies in HG/SS style
All zygarde forms and shines backsprites in HG/SS style
Improved front sprites for Litleo,Trevant and Heliolisk
Hoopa’s both forms backsprites in HG/SS style.
Megas and primals (Improved front for groudon and kyorge and BACKS!)

What this pack DOES not include
Frogadier,Greninja,Froakie Type sprites.

And if u find any promblems please let me know.


does it include shinies?

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It does ^^

Btw nice job, i really like the backsprites!

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aight i downloaded it and i gotta say, their really high quality. the fenniken line, froakie, frogadier, phantump and hoopa confined, in particular are really good. but i still have a few nitpicks

several backsprites have less of the pokemon than the original sprites. for example the greninja sprites, only have its head, while the original has a bit of the body and an arm.
the boxart legends suffer from the same problem. in the original xerneas’s antlers are spread out and its face is better seen. in the mod its antlers are really close and look weird imho.
yveltal is interesting. its face is really well made, but you can’t see its massive wings. if you could edit the sprite to have wings, that would be great. same for aegislash. its better than the original, but if you could see the shield more that would be awesome. there are a few others like chesnaught that could use tweaking but still this is a great mod. most backsprites are great and ill definitely be using them


another thing the flabebe sprites look a bit stretched. not sure if that was on accident or not but thought i should mention it.
oh also in insurgence if a member of the froakie line has protean the sprite will actually change to match the type. for example ice type greninja’s backsprite looks like this
so if you use a protean greninja, froagadier or froakie, the sprite will change mid battle. this is pretty cool but your mod doesnt have the alt forms so if you used a protean greninja it would completely change mid battle


Thanks for the support and the replies I’m blown away!

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Yes I told that on the post.

I’ll see what I can do about xereneas. And the yvetal seems rather fine it’s just that is a bit too small.

the yveltal is great but it would be nice if you could see more of its wings

oh i didnt see that. i just skipped to the what it includes and does not include part lol

oh and i just noticed you missed 2 vivillon sprites. these ones

ah let me get on it.

i have a promblem I can start working on the megas but i wont do backsprites or atleast yet. ill improve the frontsprites tho like the shiny mega metagross being wayy to dark making it bad (My poor shiny metagross) and some megas being too similar to the normal versions.

Mind telling me the exact names of the pattern which is missing?
EDIT:nvm i already made them i just didnt include them in the zip.

oh lol
do you mind just posting them here? i dont feel like downloading the whole file again lol


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im importing all the mega sprites which ive done.