Jaern Battle Randomizer Nuzlocke

I feel bad for Jaern, he is supposed to have Mega Rayquaza but instead he gets this


for me he got a d.deino that killed my MEGA D. Pidgeot

thats an oof

but seriously i go into the battle hoping for jaern to have a magikarp and instead he gets one of two actually useless pokemon

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honestly i would’ve sacked mine for the deino, but instead he just dies, and whats worse is another pokemon i had OHKO’D it

my team is pretty good too though i have a Kyurem, Mega Aggron, Delta Scrafty, Flareon, Swampert, and Delta Trevenant

pretty nice, i actually have an armored zekrom i decided to box for a while (before i fought the deino, i never had one before)

Do you have better fire types honestly not the best

I have a Quilava, Delphox, Darumaka, Delta Octillery, and a Rapidash

evolve quilava, these are your best bets

I mostly had the Flareon as a S. Def tank and I have an eevite so i’m mostly just waiting and hoping for an eevee

oh makes sense, anyways its your team

I might just breed an eevee to be honest
that gets me an epic mega eevee
NNNNOOOOOOO I just checked my Flareon and Vaporeon and they are both male

find a wild ditto (wait nvm that would count as your encounter)

im doing it so i can only catch the first encounter on a route except for static encounters and shinies

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if you want team help you should ask @PeterHolmes74 the person who is a teambuilding monster

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btw you should definitely use the D. Larvesta

i know that much but i got it early on and figured i could bring it on if any pokemon died

oof my D. Blaziken died yesterday

i havent had that many deaths actually only 5, and I actually liked all the pokemon up until their end except for one Guess which one

milotic or victorybell