Jaern Battle Randomizer Nuzlocke

nah i liked them and was upset when they died the Luxray punched itself to death by hitting itself in confusion

monferno? or none

I liked all of them except for the Luxray which punched itself to death but haha jokes on it I got a replacement one

lmao, i actually used dupe clause, so i have a wider variety of mons

so do i but the dead luxray was a shinx when i got it and i just caught a luxray

i was really sad when my delta luxray died, he was almost an MVP

i dont like the design of delta luxary that much i do like normal luxray though

yeah same, especially since mine was a girl lol

btw im not using the delta larvesta cause i dont want to have deadweight on the team and i can train it up when it will but viable

also what is d. larvesta’s ability? was it defiant or absolution?

the only useful one


absolution is better imo but, levitate (what defiant becomes when you evolve it) is better (peterholmes said in his opinion it is)

i know i said defiant is the only useful one because it becomes levitate that leaves NO WEAKNESSES

sad fighting type pokemon cry

mold breaker with a ground type move is the only super effective moves