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Is my E4 team good or do i need to change it?

i have delta gardevoir level 90, typhlosion with typhlosionite level 91, mew level 91, giratina level 90, delta venasaur level 90 and a thundurus level 71

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Firstly, level up the Thundurus if you already were planning to. Secondly, could you share their current movesets.


Natures and EV would also be appreciated.


it might take a while before i can send the move set, evs/ivs of them because my net is slow

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ok the movesets and abilities of them are:

eruption, Earthquake, Lava plume, Flamethrower
ability: Blaze
Ev/Ivs: hp 52/11, Atk 71/11, Def 48/0, Sp Atk 49/5, Sp Def 27/10, Spd 21/14
Nature: Jolly

Aura sphere, Shadow claw, Shadow force, dark matter
Ability: Pressure
Ev/Ivs: Hp 18/7, Atk 8/27, Def 0/21, Sp Atk 9/11, Sp. Def 2/11,Spd 1/16
Nature: Jolly

Delta gardevoir
Blizzard, Ice beam, Zap cannon, Thunder
Ability: Lightning rod
Ev/Ivs: hp 211/19, Atk 80/4, Def 45/4, Sp. Atk 48/8, Sp. Def 57/26, Spd 69/22
Nature: Quirky

Thunder, Crunch, Fly, discharge
Ability: Prankster
Ev/Ivs: Hp 0/27, Atk 0/1, def 2/16, Sp Atk 0/16, Sp Def 1/16, Spd 0/15
Nature: Serious

Snarl, Surf, Thunderbolt, psychic
Ability: Synchronize
Ev/Ivs: hp 54/2, Atk 46/31, Def 18/6, Sp Atk 29/25, Sp. Def 6/13, Spd 13/15
Nature: Careful

Delta venasaur
Moonlight, Moonblast, Psycho boost, Earthquake
Ability: Psycho call
ev/ivs: hp 64/18, Atk 135/31, Def 58/23, Sp. Atk 82/19, Sp. Def 76/1, Spd 95/11
Nature: Bashful

Note: i will ev train some of them except D.Gardevoir

Your movesets are rly bad ngl

So I didn’t ev train and got through but for you’re Typhlosion you might not want three fire type moves. And even then I’d recommend all deltas as they have pretty good stats and very solid typings. While legendary shave good stats, I didn’t use them because there were so many better Pokémon. For you’re fire type use delta chandelure. I’d not that then delta Sunflora and the delta snoring line are solid. There also seems to be a bug with mega delta Sunflora.

I’d you mega evolve delta Sunflora the speed boost doesn’t stop. I wasted four turns once and the speed boost didn’t leave.( if no party members have fainted

You also don’t want overlapping types with thundurous and delta gard

I leave it to you Ezlaturbo

  • Bigger problem as movesets
  • Bigger problem as Pokémon

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Jesus Christ what are you guys typing.


Get ready for the maelstrom of advice coming.

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IMO, having rly meh movesets is worse than having overlapping types, that is just my opinion tho

Actually, D. Gard is one of the ones you need to EV train, it’s good vs E4. Give it Choice Scarf and Earth Power, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Focus Miss/Moonblast. Since your Giratina is Jolly, run EQ, Dragon Tail/Outrage/Draco Jet, Stone Edge/Iron Head, and Shadow Force/Claw. Typhlosion is useless with Jolly, replace it with a Steel Type, like D. Haxorus. That will complete the FSD core, and give you a pokemon with immense wall breaking or sweeping potential and one of the best typings. I would drop Thundurus, or run a Twave/Livewire Volt Switch set. If you drop it, use Rotom Heat or Wash. I would ask @PeterHolmes74 what spread to run on Mew, the set might be OK, though I prefer Baton Pass or Support Mew if I’m running Careful. D. Venu should run it’s mega stone and CM, Moonblast, Psychic/Psyshock, and Shadow Ball.

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That’s actually fine, I ran perfectly viable teams with 3 Fire types and 2 Grass types, because that best fit my team. It really comes down to what role they play.

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I’d run:
Nasty Plot
Baton Pass
Rock Polish/ Surf
252 HP/Speed
Bold Nature

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The set isn’t rly good I know kek

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The Mew is Careful. I personally like passing defense, but that’s cuz I run Bulky Offense in Playthroughs. In this case you would pass speed, with Flame Charge, maybe P-Up Punch or SD/NP, and Cosmic Power/Psychic. OFC the last move is Baton Pass.

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the D. Gardevoir is maxed out on evs

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