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Hi, I’m Fire, pleased to meet you

Alr, I’m gonna copy paste my original intro, and edit it. Link to the original one is here. So, here I go.

So I think a lot of people know who I am because I have been on these forums for a year but I will tell you guys a little more about me.

My Username is FireFiber733339 and that is also my gaming name. Lots of people know me here as Fire. I have loved pokemon since 2nd grade and have done competitive, but I am DEFINITELY not good at it. I choose my favorite pokemon by how much I love it, and my first impression on it. I just started getting into shiny hunting, and I’ve gotten a lotta them. I love reading! And I also wanna become a teacher. I also love MandJTV and other poketubers!

So that is all pokefans!

I’ve added a little touches, but overall, it’s the same thing. And I’ve been here for a year(more or less). And my experience here has been EPIC. I’ve made tons of awesome friends like @Steelman2004 @ezlaturbo @PeterHolmes74 @GiaPeNiw @itzKIRI just to name a few(I haven’t forgotten any of you others kek). Anyway, yeah guys. Thanks so much for everything!!!


Don’t steal my phrases mister


don’t steal my lines mister


;-; wow. im offended. /j

Hello again ig? I’ma just go lose my match, cya later.


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Lmao uhhhh