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Hello, here's Efra!

Hello! My name is Efrain but you may call me Efra, or The Red Compatriot (whatever you prefer to call me). I write a blog in Spanish (my mother tongue) about human development, funny anecdotes and interpersonal relationships, it is located here if you are interested (it is in Spanish). :yum:

I just started playing Insurgence since last year and decided to write some kind of ´´adventure log´´ for me, meanwhile playing, just for fun. Currently I got two Gym Badges and it was super cool, funny and challenging getting to this point (reaching Lv 40 with my Pokémon so soon!! :joy::joy: for example). It is very cool to play this kind of Pokémon game during the quarantine (this is my second fangame I have played, the first one being Pokémon Índigo --currently named UnovaRPG). :video_game:

I will try to complete the game without reading too much into the wiki yet, or at least until I beat the Champion and the Elite Four.

Some of my other hobbies include reading, playing videogames, doing exercise (I love going on the bike :bike: ) and helping my friends in the youth groups. One of my dreams is to become a successful book writer and a wonderful speaker in conferences as well.

So, thanks for reading and having me in! Have a nice day! :sunny:


Nice to meet you! Hope you stick around!


pls stay forums r dying


angry/ depressed?

Happy to see you here Efra! If you ever need teambuilding or Pokémon moveset ideas, just ask me. I’ve been doing few series to help you on competitive Pokémon if that interest you.

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Yo hey! Name’s Fire, and welcome! This place is cool (aside from some exceptions) and I think you’ll have fun here. If ya need anything, don’t hesitate to ask, and hope ya have fun!


Also, I play Unovarpg as well. I have a whole shiny living dev lmao!!

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Thank you, Firefiber! Whoa, glad to see I’m not the only one who played that game before :smiley:

@GiaPeNiw @ezlaturbo



Sure! I am a fan of the False Swipe Gaming Youtube Channel already, I also appreciate your help in here. Although I don’t play that much Showdown anymore, I will take your advise gladly if I need any help about beating game content or tournaments.


Nope, I don’t think so xD Although I would appreciate being able to leave my home to spend the day with my lady in Valentine’s Day :sneezing_face: Thank godness I have books, videogames, my brothers, my mom and my parrots to spend the day with me

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Indian was asking about @Derpysaga’s PFP, she has a different one for different emotions. Yeah, feel free to ask for any help you might need here!


I have a serie called Analyzed where I cover how good certains Pokémon are in the competitive metagame of Pokémon Insurgence. However, my assumptions are very close to be bul :poop: most of the times so it’s more a place where you can get some modestes for your Pokémon.

I also have Competitive trainer school if you would like to learn some competitive tips are other cool stuff.
Just… Please, do NOT use my samples teams for the episode 5 because they suck. Just look at how I build my teams and try to apply it if possible.

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we dont talk of it

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@ezlaturbo thanks.

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