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Hard Mode Play through

Hi everyone
I have started a new play through recently and wanted to share my progress with all of u.
First, I have played till the point u fight the abyssal cultist I’m telnor and now I am heading to midna. I have quite a lot of bredmons thanks to @thePotato .I will be rotating my team based on the gym leader so I am gonna refer to all of my mons

Beldum (Ruin)
Stunfisk ( Will be used as a mega)
Trapinch (Will also be used as a mega)
Riolu ( I don’t have in my save right now, but I will be transfering it soon thanks to @thePotato, again, it will also be one of my megas)
Delta Squirtle (I am not gonna use it, I just transferred it together with my lucarionite)
Delta Pawni
Regular Pawni
Delta Dratini
Delta Darumaka
Moody Bidoof
D. Venipede
Regular Venipede
Mudkip (My MVP so far)
Totodile with Dragon Dance, Ice punch and Waterfall
Eevee (Not the starter eevee, it had a lax nature, I will use one I got from trade again)
That is all of them mons I have rn, they are a lot, but surely this is not gonna be easy.

Btw, I will apply some rules so the game is harder

  1. Legendary and Mythical mons are not allowed
    2.Max 5 Healing Potions per battle (Revives are not allowed)
    3.Once I enter a gym, I can’t exit it, if I lose a battle there, I have to SF the game and continue the game from the last spot I saved
  2. I am not able to use my secret base (with the exception of the level trainer, I am not grinding in the wild)
    5.Battle style will be put in set

OKAY PEOPLE. Ever since @PeterHolmes74 made his hard no faint run, everyone is hopping on the train. Y’all can we just chill?

Hehe, actually @PeterHolmes74 inspired me to start this play through @JojoBoss247

Dont’cha think that why I said that?

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Just applied some rules @JojoBoss247. This will make the game extra difficult

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Actually, I think I may do a solo run on normal (I get enraged easily and hard mode is…hard) so wanna do a joint play through?

Hmm, u can make a topic here and tell us your progress

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Btw, here applies to #fanmade-content:lets-plays-videos

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Sure. D. Lucario will be kinda easy though.

Hmm, I would just choose one of my fave mons to do the solo run. I wouldn’t care if the game was difficult

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D. Lucario is my second fave

Use that then! What is your favorite, Krookodile I guess

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Just put set mode and hard mode , the challenge starts now

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I will let ya everyone know what happens ( I will try to post screen shots too)

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Btw does anyone know how to take screenshots from my computer? I have windows 7

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Which pokemon is that?

Oops, think I misspeled something lol

I meant cacnea

oh okay cul beenz

maybe u can do a theme team, like all delta, delta & reg…