How is my team?

So, I am playing in hard mode , u can see my progression in here
And I want opinions bout my team. (Side note: I am in Helios City)
My team:
Aggron/ Aggronite or Leftovers / Rock Slide / Earthquake / Iron Head / Hone Claws
252 Attack /252 HP/6 Defence

Espeon/ Don’t know what item to put / Psychic / Shadow Ball / Swift / Morning Sun
252 SpAtk / 252 Speed/ 6 SpDef

Delta Shiftry ( with hubris) / Don’t know what item to put / Flamethrower / Charge Beam / ThunderBolt / Energy Ball
252 SpAtk / 252 Speed/ 6 HP

Venusaur / Amulet Coin ( for now) / Seed Bomb / Earthquake / Swords Dance / Sleep Powder ( will be replaced with knock off someday)
252 Attack / 252 Speed / 6 HP

Feraligatr / Nothing for now / Dragon Dance / WaterFall/ Ice Punch / Crunch
252 Atk / 252 Speed / 4 HP

Lucario / Lucarionite / Swords Dance / Bullet Punch / Close Combat / Ice Punch
252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP

Btw, don’t think I am an idiot for having a physical attacking venusaur, this thing is actually good

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Physical Venusaur is fine lol SP gives you some time to SD and then you hit like a truck.
Swift on Espeon is kinda meh, but I guess you might not have good alternatives yet.
Charge Beam on Shiftry… I don’t feel it’s needed tbh. It’s not bad tho. I’d consider Volt Switch or Flash Cannon. It’s a glass cannon, yeah sometimes you can end your opponent with that and hope for a stat boost, but I rather have more coverage and kill it quicker. But that’s me¹.
Fera & Lucario must be nonsensically good at this point of the game lol

¹ - funny enough, I’m so unlucky with rng that I thought until today that the % of raising the spAtk on Charge Beam was something like 20 or 30%. Instead it seems to be 70%… cool, I guess?


Τhanks for the feedback! @AttilaDorn
I don’t have anything else to replace swift lol, will probably replace it with calm mind, shiftry’s charge beam is there as a finisher, like ya said.
The Lucario is there as a sweeper, I use 2-3 sword dances and then sweep with bullet punch
Fera is very good for some reason, I would have never expected that it would be so good lol

That is some bad luck right there lol

i’d recommend specs on shiftry just to give it extra power, and replace charge beam with coverage or volt switch like mentioned before. Curse would be better on aggron over hone claws, but its an egg move, so… Also, u dont want double megas, so change the item on lucario or aggron. thats all i have rn but i might add stuff later

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Who said I have double megas lol? Aggron is ALMOST every time holding the leftovers, Lucario, I just don’t know what item to give it lol, so it just holds the lucarionite

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M. Lucario is one of the most broken mons in existence. I prefer it’s special set, with Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Flash Cannon/Vacuum Wave/Dank Pulse. The first two attacking moves give perfect coverage, except D. Ambipom. After +2, M. Lucario oneshots most everything with max SpA investment and Modest Nature. The last moveslot is up to personal preference. STAB, priority STAB, or coverage?

For a physical set, SD, Bullet Punch, CC, and EQ is the standard set.

Life Orb on Feraligatr, possibly on Venu too, unless you want Heat Rock to replace SP with Sunny Day Chlorophyll. If you don’t want Choice on D. Shiftry, as it seems, run LO, or Expert Belt, or even Focus Sash/ (Salac/Petaya)Berry.

With Morning Sun, Specs or Scarf are not recommended, you could run Leftovers or Salac/Petaya Berry, and if you want to replace Swift, CM is good, or Dazzling Gleam. You could run Sub CM sets.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Dank pulse? Did you mean dark pulse @ezlaturbo?


I call Dark pulse Dank Pulse.



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