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Friend Safari Thread


is this the base that you uploaded on your main save?


Username: megastone Type: Rock Boldore, Tyrunt and Archen




Niceeee thanks a lot Lesss this will definitely be helpful.


Username: Wooshie Type: Ice Pokemon: Snorunt, Sealeo, Amaura


Safari: frostyzero Type: Fairy Pokemon: jigglypuff, Togetic, Mawile


Username: Syglory Type: Psychic Pokemon: Exeggcute, Woobat, Natu


Safari: julio_alexx Type: Ground Pokemons: Piloswine, Barboach, Stunfisk


Safari: hi563145
Type: Dark
Pokemon: Pupitar, Scraggy, Nuzleaf


Safari: Ishana
Type: Ground
Pokemon: Numel, Krokorok, ?


Safari: AlanAustin03 Type: Normal Pokemon: Dunsparce, Aipom, (dont know 3rd)


Safari: ilix Type: Ground Pokemon: Baltoy, Rhydon. (? - have beaten E4, but don’t know, how to unlock 3rd slot)

PS: Teleport Puzzle to Safari + Arrow-Road to auto-hatch + all NPCs available

sry for complications… it’s my first time, playing pokemon online .__. don’t really know, how it works


Safari: Boomalacka Type: Electric Pokemon: Plusle, Rotom, 3rd-Eelektrik


Schiffy Flying Slot 1: Chatot

This is all I have/know of so far. But I might as well contribute if I’m gonna use other peoples’.


I know this is kinda old but how do you change the “slot” you want to go to, to see different pokemons?


You find it randomly. You unlock the other 2 slots. 2 is unlocked after gym 6 and 3 is when you beat the E4.


You sure that you shared it, because it won’t let me enter


Safari: DavidCar123 Type:Grass Pokemon: Ivysaur, deerling, Maractus


Safari: WizardDestroyer1 Type: Ground Pokemon: Graveler, Cubone, Gabite


I beat the 8th gym and slot 3 showed up. Error maybe?