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Friend Safari Thread


The threat may be outdated, but hey thought i would try to add in!

Safari name: MandVandHvalp. Type: Grass. Petilil, Ivysaur and Gogoat

:slight_smile: good luck hunting ladz


How do you change friend safari types?


You can’t.


hey! how to get the 2nd and 3rd mon?


This thread has been dead for 5 months. Please don’t revive, or “necro” dead threads.

The wiki also answers your question.

All Pokémon that appear in the Friend Safari are level 12-18. All Friend Safaris have three Pokémon that may be captured. Only Pokémon from the first "slot" will be available until the trainer has six Gym Badges, at which point two "slots" are available. The third and final "slot" is unlocked after defeating the Elite Four for the first time.


Safari: MasterT7 Type: Dark


oooh thanks