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Friend Safari Thread


Safari: Kakashi21 Type : Steel Pokes: bronzor, drillbur, skarmory

ps: i have a teleporting egg hatching road for those who wish to save money over egg hatching


safari :padawaouw type:fight poke:gudurr,tyrogue and hawlucha


And blackmailing me (:stuck_out_tongue: ) to tell you. :open_mouth:


I dont reme,ber this…


please keep this on topic, go to pm’s if you want to discuss something not related to safari ID’s


safari: DjairoH type: normal pokes: patrat, buneary, castform


@Lesss Is your list almost complete?


again the friend safari list is available at the top of the thread.


ummm, i submitted mine but they don’t seem to be in the spreadsheet


Yeah it’s a draft. Mine was omitted as well.


well my net has been acting up lately so i haven’t added the safaris on this thread yet.


You should give some poeple access to commenting so they just click on spdsheet and input their own and we can help with others


Safari: Ztec4 Type: Normal Pokemon: Eevee, Teddiursa. Havent unlocked 3rd slot just started playing sorry! haha


Your third is castform.


Safari: Alphaomega007 Type:Dark Pokemon: Poochyena,Murkrow,Sneasel(3rd slot)


Updated up to here.


Please notify me if ever one of the safari’s listed here changed. Since there are about 500 on the list i can’t really check them if the owners suddely decide to overwrite their previous safaris. It would also be beneficial for you to bookmark the link so you can have a list of alternatives if ever the safari you were looking for has a different set of pokemon now.

i hope this doesn’t count as necro post, since this list is still relevant to new players, and some old players that didn’t get to see the list.


I hope so either - I just found this and it’s going to be really helpful, I didn’t even know this was there!- plus, I’d like to extend the same!

Name: owlmethyst Type: Fairy Carbink, Swirlix, Mawile And I THINK Mawile is 3rd slot


Can confirm that mawile is your third slot pokemon.


Username: Mettaton(or Metatton) Type: Dragon Seadra, Noibat, ?