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Friend Safari Thread


Hi I’m Lesss, an avid fan of this game, I often find myself shiny hunting these days, and since we don’t really have a big list of available friend safaris, I started to make one.

I am compiling/ proof-checking all the safaris I can find in our previous reddit page, our wiki. and some list made by previous players, i want to ask you to help me with this project by adding your safari ID’s on this thread (doesn’t matter if you only have 2 slots of pokemons available since I will check them 1 by 1,)

After I’m done with the list I will share it here. It might take a while but I hope you can help me.

IMPORTANT Make sure your base is UPLOADED first.

First Draft:

All the safaris here have been checked and visited by me,

Please continue to add in new safari’s to this thread, i will continue to update the safari list daily. Thanks in advance.:heart_eyes:

Safari: Lesss Type : Normal Pokes: Eevee, Sentret, Zangoose

Friend Safari eevee
Need gotheitelle

Safari: Snuewks Type: Dark Pokemon: Sableye, Skuntank and Scraggy


Safari: Pokemonerd25 Type: Flying Pokémon: Swellow, Drifloon, Dragonair


Safari: Aranax Type: Dragon Pokemon: Swablu, Sliggoo, Shelgon


Safari: Raichu1972 Type: Ice Pokemon: Cryogonal, Snover, Sealeo.


Safari: mg98 Type: Ghost Pokes: Rotom, drifloon, jellicent


Safari: scheiss Type: Water Pokemon: Binacle, Panpour, Croconaw


You have to upload your base online for others to be able to access them ,pokemonerd25, @skaterflips.




Oh sorry, it should be up now.


Safari: Cheese555 Type: Fairy Pokes: Jigglypuff, Marill, Swirlix (Not sure which one’s third slot)


MeowCat Fairy snubull, mr mime 3rd slot: mawile


Safari: Demonknight Type: Flying Pokes: Pidgey, Delibird, Charmeleon


Elemayo Psychic Unown, Staryu, Baltoy


Safari: Wwcheezburger Type: Steel Pokes: Karrablast, Drilbur, Skarmory


Safari: iruns Type: Bug Pokes: Pineco, Weedle, Heracross


Safari: Cow538

Type: Flying

Pokémon: Pidove, Tropius, and Gligar

Warning: ATM there is no way to leave my base other than a secret puzzle (good luck lol) and the tablet


Can’t you just leave a base using the tablet?


I said that you can use the tablet.


Nice base cow:D took me a little to figure it out