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Delta suggestion thread


Aerodactyl (the rage pokemon) Dragon ability hot blooded(resistant to ice attacks, if health goes below half attack is boosted but accuracy goes down.) Intimidate (Ha: anger point)

Considered the personal pokemon of Lance’s son Drake; this pokemon was a result of a failed experiment to bring back the most genetically perfect Aerodactyl. But instead those who worked on the project inserted the dna of many other pokemon into its genonome to fill the gaps. This pokemon is filled with rage.

Mega Dragon/Fire Ignitor( normal type moves become fire type; moves that have recoil do even more damage at the expense of more hp lost)


Here is mine

Delta Ampharos(The Mind Pokemon)

Type: Psychic, normal

Pokedex: Discovered by AMeriCanBaCon, This Pokemon sleeps constantly in order to supress its power and ability to read minds. If awakened, it can destroy cities with a single though.

Ability: Synchronize

Hidden ability: Mind Control:eliminates super effective moves for 2 turns if the opponent;s Pokemon has that typing. This will work with every Pokemon switched in, so long as the Pokemon is the type of the move that Ampharos is weak to.

How it looks: it is white with purple fur around its gem on its head, with trimmed fur around its arms, legs, and neck. It head is listening with eyes close with it looking slouched and asleep. . Tail has fur all along side it with the orb being magenta colored

Weakness: Dark and bug

Mega Delta ampharos


weakness: Steel, Bug, and ghost

ability: Inverse Sight: Switches around Weaknesses and Super effective type’s for both Pokemon. Activates if hit with a super effective move, even if protect or moves like fly is active.

Hidden ability: Mind Eye:Has move’s like Mind reader and lock on to work for 3 turns(not including the turn used to use to activate mind reader or lock on.) And yes, Ampharos can learn guillotine.

Description: This Pokemon has awakened its mind to be able to see danger and events before it has happened. It is said that its touching its fur will tell people the future.

Looks: It head is in a down position as if looking at the floor. There is a pink eye floating over it’s head and there is pink eye with small lines going out around it. it is in a meditating position with glowing magenta lines going around it arms and legs. It fur goes around it head and down to it’s chin with it’s ears popping out. It’s tail orb would be Magenta with the tail having fur all along it.

If you can do this, I would much appreciate it.


Some I based on Nintendo franchise

Foongus Grass ability effect spore An extremely bizarre delta that could be found occupying the sides of floating bricks in the “other world” (kind of like a DLC place, I know it won’t happen but an idea). People who touch it will begin to hallucinate and feel as if they’re growing.

Amoongus the king Pokemon Grass/fairy ability( super growth, upon defeating an opponent defense and special defense raise drastically, upon taking physical damage it loses these stat boosts.)

A bizzare crown-like growth sits a top its head, it takes great pleasure in helping those that need its help.

Foongus(poison mushroom) Poison Poison point

A species of foongus occupying the other world, any contact with this pokemon might cause dizzyness in those who touch it along with their eventually collapse.

Ammongus poison/dark poison point A rather villainous pokemon in the wild, it will clap its two forearms together to create a cloud of toxic spores in the air, it then waves its arms frantically as if signaling for help to lure in unsuspecting prey.

(monster hunter) Axew Dragon/steel rough skin

De: instead of the tusks most axew are equipped with, these are adorned with razor-sharp scales, they can hurl these scales as projectiles and can often be seen practicing just that, but they often miss.

Fraxure dragon/steel tough claw

With every attack, their razor-sharp scales are there to up the damage. They can often be seen sharpening there newly acquired horn that grows from its head.

Haxourus dragon steel tough claws.


Clamperl Water/psychic

(Sturdy) It’s pearls exhibits higher psychic powers then a normal clamperl. It uses this psychic power to detect predators minutes in advance so it can evade in advance. It lacks a shell like most clamperl.

Gorebyss Water/fairy It can often be found on the coast of the Americas. People that have spot them think they’ve seen mermaids. Anthem

Huntail Water/dark Huge power It can be found in the depths of the ocean, where it hunts any creature it possibly can. It’s rarerly seen out of the shallow water.


[I know alola Pokemon won’t be getting any Delta’s or such. So don’t crucify me please.]

Wishiwash (ancient form) water/rock Ability filter/rockhead (intimidate) (Has the stats of schooling form)(shares the size and shape of the school)

Each one of it’s scales are as hard as stone. These Pokemon were thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago but they still lurk in the ocean. There power unrivaled.


make it like it is rivaling with relicanth


Delta WishiWashi

How’s this for a delta Wishiwashi?


The eyes need a little work and I was thinking it’s front fins would look like giant version of it’s school from. But looking at what you did with the find I like it.


Like mainly the eyes and tail, I think the tail should be more fish like you know what I mean. If you made this thank you it is something I could not do


I’ve got an idea for a Delta that I think is pretty neat.

Pokemon: Onix/Steelix.

Type: Rock/Fairy for both.

References: Bismuth for Onix, and a prism for Steelix.

Notes: I was pretty much thinking of the Onix would be made out of bismuth crystals, so it’d have the characteristic geometric pattern and rainbow color scheme along its body. As for Steelix, I think it’d be pretty much the same, except its body has been smoothed out a bunch by all the tunneling it did as an Onix, so now it can reflect and refract light the way a prism does. I realize that’s not exactly how it works, but oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its moveset would likely include lots of moves like Flash, Mirror Shot, Dazzling Gleam, Power Gem, etc. Though, since Onix and Steelix’s Special Attack stats are both garbage, I’d think giving them Athenian as an ability would be a good idea. Maybe with Illuminate as an alternative, that turns into Clear Body on evolution. Or instead of Athenian, some unique ability that uses Attack for special Fairy-type moves? IDK really.

I literally just came up with this in 15 minutes while I was supposed to be writing an essay, so let me know if there’s anything people wanna add and/or correct me on.


Tyrunt Ice Refrigerate A tyrunt revived from a fossil found preserved in an the ice, this Pokemon is covered in a thick coat of feathers from the neck down. It is very warm to the touch and is adorable to look at. It likes the cold, but it’s believed this pokemon did not look like this before it’s revival and that it was due too it’s location of discovery that cause it.

Tyrantrum Ice/Dragon Flash Freeze, (all normal type moces become ice type and have the a 10% chance of freezing the opponent) It looks like cryosaurs with feathers along it’s back. You know that beartic has? Well from the its bottom jaw is incased in ice while icicles dangle from the bottom of it’s jaws.


Tyrunt(magma) Fire/rock Foundary Revived from a tyrunt fossil discovered by a dormant volcano, it appears that the fossil asorbed ungodly amounts of heat allowing and upon revival it became unleashed. The Pokemon has a fiery temperament that is only matches by that of smoldering lava. It often naws at all things metal to approve it’s biting Power.

Tyrantrum Foundary Fire/dragon Considered the king of Pokemon, it can bite a rock clean in half. Before a battle its teeth begin to heat up and become a hot orange indicating that this Pokemon teeth are smoldering. It will protect those it cares about without without mercy.


Delta Anorith Bug/water Swift swim In an attempt to successfully re introduce this Pokemon to the wild a group of researchers created a version that can stand the water of the mondern world. However most that are released into the wild don’t survive due to competition and thus are often sold to people that hope to give it to their children as a starter pokemon


Delta armaldo Bug/water Tough claws An unbelievable successful Hunter. It might appear slow but when in the presence of prey they strike. Do to genetic modification they’re much larger then their ancestors. But die to how successful they are and the destruction they’ve caused to their ecosystem as a result trainers have been dispatched to catch thrm


Poliwag Grass Sap sipper, run away Description, it can often be seen hurling itself from branch to branch in the canopies of the jungles it calls home, using it’s tail to grab and hurl itself from branch to branch. When they prepare for sleep they find a large leaf to lay on.

Poliwhirl Grass Sap sipper chlorophyll They they live in large groups in the canopy of the rain forest. They’ll bend branches and such to make beds to sleep on. They’re extremely intelligent and appear to be able to understand human speech.

Pokiwrath Grass/dark Moody/intimidate A very aggressive Pokemon, they live on the forest floor, aggressively defending their territory from any intruders. They will however welcome Poliwag that have wanderd astray. (Evolve via leaf stone) (it has black skin, and two horns, kind of like a mix between a bull frog and a gorilla)

Poliwhirl Grass/posion Poison point/venomous It jumps from branch to branch like a bolt of lightning. Those that catch a glimpse of this Pokemon often mistake it as a Greninja due to it’s frog shaped body. When it attacks it uses curl on it’s forehead as weapon for the tip seeps a very powerful toxin. It will often be found leading or being a part of a group of Poliwag and whirls.

Evolve while trading while holding poison dart(have a bright red coloration like a poison dart frog.)

Mega pokiwrath Sheer force

Mega Poliwhirl Great Growth(all normal type moves become grass type and deal 33% more damage)


Scyther (Ghost) Tough claws/ life scythe( moves that drain hp from opponent do more damage) (intimidate) A mysterious Pokemon that recently appeared. It moves with great speed, preying on ghost type Pokemon, it swiftly dashes towards ots prey, when it slashes it’s prey the prey vanishes, becoming asorbed into the scythes on scyther arms thus providing nutrition to the Pokemon.

Scizor (ghost/dark) Tough claws / life scythe (intimidate) Evolve while holding black glasses

Despite being much slower then it’s prevo, it is powerful. With each bite from it’s claws it that’s at the spirit of it’s victim. It’s pincers appear to have a mind of their own with blinking eyes and such. It preys on ghost type Pokemon that wander into it’s domain, due to this it is considered a gaurdian in many culture for keeping devilish spirits at Bay, it Is also believed to have Dominion in another world.

Mega Scizor Ghost/dark Shadow Heart( normal type moves become ghost and dark type simultaneously while dealing 33% more damage)


Formantis Bug Swarm/ disguse It’s unique color allows it to blend in with tree bark, by looking like a piece of wood it’s able to hide from predators while being able to ambush prey.

Lurantis Bug/fairy Contrary/ disguse During the spring it stands in Meadows, disgused as a beautiful flower, attracting bug pokemon. It’s known as the living orchid.


Honedge Psychic/electric Deflector(special moves deal less damage to the Pokemon) A Pokemon created by people of another world, when this Pokemon is asleep or not battling the blade on it’s head vanishes.

Doublade Psychic/electricity Saber(tough claws basically) Only a skilled trainer can command this Pokemon. It’s extremely hard to train and it’ll use it’s blades to defend it trainer at all cost.

Ageslash Psychic/electric Tough claws It’s a master of combat, it counters it’s foes with great ease and defeats most if battles, for it was designed to be the perfect Pokemon.

Evolve via shiny stone


Caterpie Bug/fairy Shield dust An endangered species of Caterpie. It lives in protected forests were attempts to save it’s species continues. Metapod Rock/fairy Magic gaurd Known as the gem of the forest, probably do to the fact that it’s body glimmers like that of a diamond. It’s shell is diamond like mineral.

Butterfree Bug/fairy Majestic swarm(at the beginning of battle it calls forth a swarm to create a new form, if it’s how drops low it loses it’s form. But this form boosts it’s power) This Pokemon used to be very common, locals of the region use to believe that these Pokemon were the spirits of their ancestors. It’s believed that there dwindleing numbers is the reason behind it’s new a survival strategy it releases hormones to attract insects.


Sorry for the block of text.

Here it is:

These Rotoms aren’t exactly “Deltas” per se, but I got nowhere to put them:

Electric/Fairy Pokedex Rotom

In Alola, it is apparently the Pokedex you get is this Rotom. That specific Rotom, however, doesn’t do anything beside being a basic Pokedex.

Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough

Electric/Normal Dog Rotom

A toy robot dog. It is a man’s best friend, and a woman’s second. A great and loyal friend till the very end.

Tri Attack, Double Edge

Electric/Dark Cat Rotom

A toy robot cat. It is a woman’s best friend, and a man’s second. A snide and selfish creature. Uses many cheap tricks.

Night Daze, Foul Play

Electric/Rock Golem Rotom

A toy robot golem. Not to be misunderstood with Golem, the Golem Rotom forme throws rocks for a living.

Ancient Power, stone edge

Electric/Ground Rat Rotom

A toy robot rat. Name it “Scabbers” and 9 out of 10 times, it will run away and betray you. Never name your rats “Scabbers”.

Earth Power, Earthquake

Electric/Psychic Portal Rotom

A toy replica of Hoopa’s Rings but 1000x less powerful and destructive. Can send in random items from the past, present and future. Fortunately, Pokemon can’t go through the portal.

Psyshock, Zen Headbutt

Electric/Steel TV Rotom

A television. It can show many shows from beyond the grave, and new shows from the future.

Flash Cannon, iron head

Electric/Poison Serpent Rotom

A toy robot serpent. Surprisingly, it developed a poison system that can inject poison into things, it still needs work though.

Sludge Wave, poison tail

Electric/Bug Swarm Rotom

Toy robot bugs. Each and every bug in the swarm has its own will and can move synchronized or alone. These bugs were used for many spy and recon missions.

bug buzz, Uturn

Electric/Fighting Fist Rotom

Toy robot fists. It pounds it’s enemies to a pulp and can move quickly, despite it’s bulky nature.

Focus Blast, Brick Break

Electric/Dragon Draco Rotom

A toy robot dragon. It is a replica of Rayquaza, but 19x cuter. It often loves company and sometimes overheats out of excitement of new people. It is vicious when it needs to be.

Draco Meteor, Dragon Rush

Electric/Ghost Mega Rotom

Special Rotom that changes forms like mega Eevee with a special move. The category of the move depends if Rotom becomes physical or special

Spectral Thief, Shadow Ball

All have Levitate.

Now time for the real deltas…

Water/Poison Krookodile The Swamp Croc Pokemon It lives in the swamp, in the murky waters. It produces a poisonous secretion from glands in the surface of its body. It also has a poisonous bite Poison Touch/ sheer force

Ghost/Water Gengar The Water Vapour Pokemon Made from water vapours, not gas. People became this Pokemon after dying in the clouds. It’s oddly kind and helpful, despite its appearance. Water Bubble, water compaction

Fighting/Ghost Alakazam The Shaman Pokemon scrappy/athenian The shaman Pokemon. This tribal Pokemon loved to do rituals as an Abra and did them ever since. Is one with nature and the spirits.

Ghost/Grass Larvitar The Forgotten Pokemon solid rock/ sheer force The forgotten Larvitar. It became this Larvitar after it’s trainer left it here to train for 29 years. That same trainer never came back for it, until now. It became the husk of it’s former self.

Fairy/Dragon Dragonite The Drag Queen Pokemon thick fat/prankster The elegant form of Dragonite. It became this after learning all of the beauty secrets of the world and became “The Drag Queen of all Drag Queens” (Evolve from max beauty and level 55)

Rock/Dark Archeops The Assassin Pokemon Pickpocket, defeatist, unburden Created to be an assassin, this prehistoric bird perches on high ledges like a gargoyle and when the time is right, it lunges downward to kill it’s target in one fell swoop.

Ground/Ice Onix The Crystal Pokemon Ice body/Water absorb A crystallized Onix from a long time ago, made from ice quartz and other translucent rock formations. For some reason it’s NOT weak to water, but it’s weak to fire

Dragon/Fire Gyarados The Magma King Pokemon This magma serpent lives in the ever growing setting of volcanoes. It’s vicious tendencies cause it to be dubbed the Magma King Flame Body, Intimidate, Anger Point

Rock/Poison Gogoat The Mountain Goat Pokemon It lives on the the peaks of mountains, searching for better homes. It’s meat is severely poisoned from a specific berry it eats, called :b:oison :b:erry.:joy::100:(I was high AF when I typed this one…) Rock Head, Poison Body

Rock/Fighting Sawsbuck The Mountain Deer Pokemon It also lives on the mountains. It fights all that cross it’s territory, except pack members. Delta Gogoat is its main rival No Guard/Rock Head/Tough Feet

Rock/Grass Arcanine The Lion Statue Pokemon rock head, sturdy, pure power This Arcanine was created from science, through animation and automation, just like Delta Metagross. It looks just like a statue so it can be easily regarded as one.

Grass/Water Fennekin The Lily Pokemon water absorb/rain dish A scientifically engineered counterpart to Delta Chesnaught and Delta Greninja. It lives in large lakes and is considered the “Lady of the Lake”.

Water/Fire Chesnaught The Volcano Back Pokemon magma armor/ flame body A scientifically engineered counterpart to Delta Fennekin and Delta Greninja. It lives in hot springs near volcanoes and often sprays magma from the volcanoes on its back when it’s threatened.

Ice/Fighting Feraligatr The Warrior Pokemon refrigerate/iron fist "The Banded Warrior", as it was called, can fight for its own. It’s competition is Beartic and the many other ice types living in the cold ice caves.

Ground/Rock Meganium The Dino Pokemon sturdy/ storm drain It lives in the mountains and ate nothing but the weeds and plants that grew on it. Once it’s food source started to diminish, it ate rocks and mud and covered itself with it. It can absorb any water, like a sponge.

Grass/Fairy Emboar The Sage Pokemon Analytic/Effect spore Often regarded as a sage of the forests, it’s wiseness and intelligence is beyond superior to many Pokemon. Pokemon often seek advice from it.

Fire/Steel Samurott Blacksmith Pokemon holy sheath (does double damage against ghost, dark and dragon types)/ battle armor An artist of blacksmithing, it helps create weapons using it’s hot furnace of a mouth and anvil like back

Rock/Dark Mudkip The Thief Pokemon pickpocket/ pure power It began training to be a fighter after it’s trainer left it to rot. It soon became very vicious and territorial, but all it wants is a friend.

More still to come