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Delta suggestion thread


Delta squritle Rock Ability Rocker Prolonged exsistance away from bodies of water has created this subspecies. When in danger they hide in their shell, that looks like a rock. Blending in almost perfectly with the enviroment. However they are enimes with crustles the lust for their shells.

Delta Wartortle Rock

They are rarely seen in the wild, but those few that have been found are often found in caves, feasting on the surronding rocks whoms molecules boost the strength of its already rock hard shell.

Delta Blastiose Rock/Ground

The two cannons fire rocks at huge distances with great accuracy. How the rocks are fired are a mystery all on its own as is how they’re loaded so quickly.

Mega delta blastoise Rock/Ice Ablilty skill link


Delta bulbasaur Grass A bulbasaur subspecies found living around the edges of rivers. The plant that grows on its back has never been found growing anyware else except on the backs on of venasaurs and their kin.

Delta Ivysaur Grass ability: overgrown It could be found with its body halfway in the water, like hippotamas in the sand. With the amount of water provided to its plant the two literally have the easy life.

Delta venasur(beta, evolve while surfing) Grass/water It could be found in rivers all across the region. The large flower on its back providing a place for pokemon of all kinds to take rest on. fish pokemon of all kinds can be found swimming beneath it for the protection they provide. They are known as the gaurdians of the river. They can even stop the flow of rivers.

Mega Grass water Storm drain

The bundles of vines that grow all over this pokemon it has control of each one it seems. It is believed by many scientists that upon mega evolving the plant on its back has gained some form of consiounsis.


Delta Nidomale line (based on rathalos from monster Hunter) Nidoran Dragon Ability posion touch/ hidden a:rivalry

They live at extremely high altitudes. It leaps from rock to rock strengthing it’s legs with each leap.

Delta Nidorino Dragon/posion

It lives in the mountains, stalking it’s pretty from a distance, then running them down to poison them.

DELTA Nidoking Dragon poison It has the ability to fly using it perfers to fight on the ground with it’s enemes. It using it’s great strength to destroy it’s enemies. Ability posion touch/ ha: levitate.


Nidoran Dragon Posion touch/ha merciless

Nidorina Dragon poison By feeding on the toxic fruits that the mountain provides as this makes it even more toxic.

Nidoqueen Dragon poison Considered the queen of the mountains. If you ever see one in the wild stay your distance, for this Pokemon could destroy stone with a single swing of it’s tail


Carnavanna (monster Hunter) The tadpole Pokemon Water Ability strong jaw The aybussal cult alwanted to create a sharpedo whom was much better on land. But right now it is not so nimble on land. Once it bites down on it’s foe it will never let go.

Sharpedo Ground water Strong jaws./(speed boost) ITs as nimble on land as it is in water. On land it ejects water from it’s back and moves as fast as a rocket.

Mega sharpedo Water ice Ability glacial armor(boosts all defenses and special defenses, but takes increase damage to fir type attacks.)


make it look like a kappa instead


Well I kind of like this other design I had in mind. Basing it off this cryptid that’s basically a fish man.


Delta tepig Electric/fairy Ability shocker (ha: levitate)

The term when tepigs fly originated from this Pokemon. This is due to it always trying to fly using the wings it has but cannot get off the ground.

Delta pignitev Electric/fairy Shocker (pixilate) (Unique move, Charge tackle. Electric type flame charge) This is an extremely great Pokemon for intermediate trainers because of how paitent it is with it’s trainers. Using it’s electric powers it’ll cook food for it’s trainers if it senses they’re hungry.

Delta emboar Electric fairy Dispite the large pair of wings it has on it’s back it’s still unable to fly. But it uses these wings for a variety of tasks. It will lay down it’s life for it’s trainers.


Delta oshawatt Ground Like how sandile has adapted to it’s Sandy environment, it weilds sharp rocks it’s found and customized.

Delta Dewott Ground steel Known as the samuri of the desert, it spends everyday honing it’s skills.

Delta samurott Ground steel


If you did not notice these two are meant to be a trio with Delta snivy. Completing the unova starter cycle.


Chimchar Grass Overgrow

Almost as if this adaptation came to life as nature’s response to the amount of forestfires started by chimchar. It is often known as a symbol of irony due to it’s typing.

Monferno Grass It’s rarely seen in the wild due to compintition with normal monferno. It’s believed that because of it’s treatment it treats other Pokemon so kindly.




Delta Horsea Fire Ability vaporize

It could be found swimming about in magma, They’re often hard to spot however due to their bright red body.

Delta Seadra Fire It swims about in the water that resides in active volcanos, when the waters come in contact with its body it create steam, that gices it cover while stalking prey. Ability Steam0( water type moves do not really effective damage to this pokemon, Every time its hit by a water type attack its evasion goes up.)

Kingdra Fire/Dragon (evolve while holding dragon scale while trading). Steam

It can be found in the hottest of volcanos stalking prey; its favorite being magcargo and magmars, which it ambushes and impales with its snot. draining them of their firey fluids.


Gooey the slime pokemon water/poison It could often be found lurking on the ocean floor looking for prey. Scooba divers must be weary of where they place their hands while exploring the depths for this pokemon will bite anything that gets to close!


Hydreigon line

Stage 1 Dragon/steel Ability(adaptability) (ha:download)

A regular deino born without legs, a scientist created a special right with wheels to help the Pokemon get around. It is often full of happiness despite it’s disability and loves a good battle.

Stage 2

Upon evolution it not only outgrew it’s rig but it did not grow a second head like most, with a new rig it’s able to walk like most of it’s kind, just without an other head.

Stage 3 Levitate Upon evolution it didn’t grow any heads so the scientist took action, creating a special suit to give hydreigon not only 2 robotic heads but a special pair of wings that allow it to fly.

Mega evolution. Mega launcher

Has Pokemon armor available.


Pixies part 2

Dinjinese Dark/ghost Ability:pressure

This Pokemon shares cery similar characteristics to that of a hoopa. It normally appears to people before their deaths; so it’s believed that they’re there to steal there souls.

Jishavox The granted dream Pokemon Psychic/steel Ability star shroud(basically stance change)

It’s believed that a long time ago a man came across jirachi, his wish was for the strongest Pokemon to appear before him and the legend goes that the poor jirachi morphed into this powerful Pokemon.

Gnesect mk.2 Steel Ability protean

The child of the creator of the original gemesect; haunted by the truth N speaked, set out to create a robot to combat Pokemon without being a Pokemon. But it appears along the way the Ai became aware and escaped. The escaped prototypes often watch children playing with their Pokemon; dreaming for the day it could be normal.


Distrasity Psychic/fighting Ability(amplify) Cloned from the hairs of a meoletta. It’s mealodies bend the will of both humans and Pokemon.


Seedot (the cherry bomb pokemon) Grass aftermath/intimidate

Nuzleaf grass/fire sap sipper/intimidate

Shiftry grass/fire sap sipper intimidate.


Tentacool (the cryptid pokemon) Ability Tough claws/clearbody water/dark found in the depths of the ocean and thought as a myth for eons, this pokemon was only recently discovered. The gems on its head flash bright colors before it moves in closer for a bright flash, stunning the finishing off prey.

Tentacruel(the kraken pokemon.) Huge power/Anthenian

Each of its 10 tentacles are laced with talons that it uses to ensnare prey. Sightings suggest that this delta pokemon could grow up to 60 feet long in the wild, at this size it hunts wailords.


Archen (the theif pokemon) Obtainable by using the perfection revival machine Dark abililty, pickpocket (ha: prankster)

This pokemon could be found jumping from tree to tree deep in the holon jungle, where it steals fruit from other pokemon. This pokemon can easily hold its own in a fight.

Archeops (the raptor pokemon) Dark/fighting Infiltrator(prankster)

This pokemon has never been seen in the wild, probably in part with its stealth skills making it the stuff of myth; the only proof of its wild exsistance is from the black feathers it drops as it dashes between the trees.


Aerodactyl (gargoyle pokemon) Ghost/rock Weak armor/ filter

In many gargolyes carved in ancient day bared a striking resembelence to aerodactyls of years passed, it was probably not a coincidence; these stone creations would go on to be possesed by spirits takeing on the appearance of their former selves.