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Delta suggestion thread


Since I cant art for the life of me there is no sprite but, I would like to put out an idea for a delta line:

Delta Roggenrola: Water/Ground Type. The Seabed Pokemon Abilities: Water Absorb, Water Compaction, Solid Rock(H/A). PokeDex: Lurking in oceans, this Pokemon slipped and fell into an ocean, the core got extinguished and the body was weather down to nothing, but with the core intact, and with the ocean pressure, this roggenrola had its new body made out of sand and coral.

Delta Boldore: Water/Ground Type. The Ocean Floor Pokemon Abilities: Water Bubble, Water Absorb, Solid Rock(H/A). PokeDex: After living in the deep depths of the sea, the pressure has compacted boldore. Hunting corsola for there coral spines.

Delta Gigalith: Ice/Ground Type.The Blue Ice Pokemon Abilities: Refrigerate, Heatproof, Pressure(H/A). PokeDex: Lumbering on the bottom of the sea, this Pokemon walk along the sea floor. The freezing temperatures have created blue ice on the body of the Gigalith, they use these ice crystals to defend there territory.


I think for the fighting one it should be a toy robot, bearing possibly a striking resemblence to the robot from that moive minigame in pokemon black and white. As for poison I was thinking a car(mainly because of the polution they leave in their wake), and as for psychic maybe a laptop. I don’t know, the dog and cat ones i love though.


These aren’t exactly deltas but I have had these ideas literally forever and thought this would be the best place to put them.

Zygarde, 10% sky form. Flying/ground. Ability keen eye It soars throughout the skies, using its keen eye sight to spot those that wish to harm nature, whom upon sight it would attack with blinding speed. This zygarde, however, has not been seen naturally in the wild for decades and thus only a trainers zygarde can achive this form.

Zygarde, 50% sky form. Flying/ground, ability cloud 9 Legend has it that with a single flap of its wings can end a storm and with the next it could create another 100times more viscoious. Though this can not be officially concerned because a wild one has not been spotted in over 2000 years.

Zygarde, 100% mega sky form. Flying/ground, ability adaptability Must mega evolve while zygardes sky form is holding zygardenite. With the aid of its bond with its trainer and its megastone, a single zygarde core is able to harness the power of a hundred cells by itself to achive this form. It is known as the king of the sky.

Zygarde 10% sea form. water/ground, ability:swift swim It uses its sonar to detect the ailments of the sea, it then does everything in its power to fix it. It is believed due to the influx in ocean polution is the reason for this pokemon not being sighted recently, for it cannot handle it no longer.

Zygard 50% sea form, water/ground, ability: storm force(in the rain all this pokemons attacks go up by 20%, it does not stack with the boost given to water type moves)

Legends of this pokemon destroying ships at seas in ancient time are not scarce, for it would attack any ships that entered its domain by using its serpentine body to destroy them. They have not been seen naturally in a long time.

Zygarde 100%


Wow this blog’s been going for a year but Nvm

Delta Marshadow : Dessert Pokemon, Psychic/Fairy Delta Marshadow is a kind hearted Pokemon and always shares it’s cherry on it’s head to people that’s upset


this is weird Brettultimus did this welp oops


delta Manaphy ? and please do an art of it


They are for this suggestion: Delta Slugma/Magcargo (DO NOT LOOK AT YET)

Pokemon: This is Delta Slugma. Type: A Water/Ice type. References: image Notes: It would be water but the things hanging down and the ear things would be icicles. Maybe if you added some light blue mist rising up from the bottom that would be cool too! (But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.)

Pokemon: This is Delta Magcargo. Type: A Water/Ice type. Reference: image Notes: The base of it that looks like Slugma will have the same features but the shell would be completely frozen with icicles as well as there being no flame.


Pokemon: Delta Flygon Type: (Ice/Bug) Reference: Looks like the moth Pokemon from Pokemon uranium Notes: Have it’s wings be made of ice crystals and make it have a beanie and scarf. Red or blue coloured to be exact. And make it’s goggles bigger to protect it’s eyes from hazard damage.


Can we make our own delta art and post it here, cause i already got 2 delta, delta suicone and entei(still working in raikou). that is link to the story concept i got too.

just a story about the real reason why the delta species are rare. and in crisis to the species, the 3 delta guardian(delta dog trio) was created by arceus to safeguard there species from danger or corruption.

mostly the delta are: pokemon: Entei type: normal refernce: lion guardian wielding the guadian sword

pokemon: suicune type: grass reference: gaia or mother of shaymin

pokemon: raikou type: flying reference: nimbus

i theme them by omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence

need reply so i can know theres still people reacting to this hahahahha


Yea, you can!!! Although this thread specifically for requesting art, if you wanna submit something just go ahead and start a new thread with your art! if you feel like it look around at some of the older threads for some reference, but nothings wrong with doing your own thing. (they don’t have to be pixelated).


But sadly, the game is already finish. just hoping that there was a new storyline that i can onto the game. cause holon region as a bundle of delta given me an idea of story.

my thought was that “another” cult emerge, has also the same motive ad the perfection cult, but targeted delta pokemon. mostly their ideals are “Delta pokemon are the rightful ruler of the world. these othere weaklings as a being cannot compare how flawless they are. so, in doing that lets convert and create some delta and eliminate the others”.

Alsoooo same with the others, have a big twist, suprise, new allies. but the most suprise twist that differenciate with others is. the mascot is a delta pokemon becoming a delta legendary, with a back story like meowth in team rocket. but more solidify and emphasizing to hear.

thats where my legendary trio come in to place


I had an idea a while back for a Delta Rhyhorn line a while back, forge themed.

Pokemon: Delta Rhyhorn; Type: Steel; References: Blade based; Note: ridges are much sharper and resembling chainsaw blades, while the horn takes on a dagger-like appearence. Eyes are a glowing red.

Pokemon: Delta Rhydon; Type: Steel/Fire; References: Supposed to be slightly more like a molten core; Notes; similar concept to Rhyhorn, but rather than blade plates, Rhyhorn would have molten metal patches on its back, and a much more serrated and spiked drill on its head. Tail would have small amounts of lava leaking from it.

Pokemon: Delta Rhyperior; Type: Steel/Fire; References: Full on forge; Notes: remove stone armor entirely, body made of roughly hewn dark metal with molten patches, lava leaking from some and pooling at his feet. Fingers are made of bulbous metal nuggets, and the cannons in Delta Rhyperior’s hands would have a red glow within them, to signify his molten core. Stance would be more hunkered down than a normal Rhyperior, a little more defensive

I think it would be awesome if a sprite artist could bring my idea to life


Pokemon: Flygon. Type: Electric/Dragon Reference: Blue Dasher Dragonfly. Notes: Electric blue, with yellow highlights. Has a more stream-lined, elongated appearence, and longer, thinner wings, with the yellow highlights glowing as if they store electricity.


No offense meant, but you literally just turned all its limbs purple, and it just looks like it’s wearing a purple Morphsuit. This is less “witch”, more “mildly lewd Halloween costume”. I can show you an example of how it should look, if you’d like.


That was like 2 years ago, I think it’s slightly late to complain about the design


I would love to see a delta Salamence, I think it should be a Rock/Dragon type and have a black crystal wing structure.


honestly i fell delta pixies are in need considering how big a roll they play and sadly how week they are compared to regular legendarys

Mew : Dark_Ghost -:A dark version of mew created by dark matter to serpase any pokemon
Hoopa : Fairy_Dragon_-:A mysterious pokemon that likes to dabble in the affairs of human conflicts
Celebi : Ground_Ice
-:Mysterious Pokemon rumored to great terrible snowstorms and sandstorms depending on its mood.
Manaphy : Flying_Electric
Shaymin : Fire_Psychic
Phione : Flying_Grass
Victini : Rock_Bug


I’m wondering if you could make the vines look more like cloth? That was the mummy idea. While these do look cool, to me, they look like golden shag carpet instead of a mummy vibe.


Maybe a delta bidoof?
Name: Delta Bidoof/Bibarel
Type: Poison/Dark
References: Vampires.
Notes: Make sure D. Bidoof has a legendary. Cause BIDOOF IS LEGENDARY!!!


I was wondering if anyone could make a Delta of either Eevee or Shaymin for me. Shaymin would probably be easier. I have a custom fakemon that’s a basically a combination of Eevee and Shaymin, where sky forme is Eevee and Leafeon, and it’d be cool to be able to have it in game. I called them Grace Forme and Normal Forme. I’m not sure what the types should be so I’m open to suggestion.
Shay%20-%20Normal%20Forme Shay%20-%20Grace%20Forme