Delta suggestion thread

Snubull Dark ability: intimidate/ anger point dex: Specially bred to gaurd areas, those that plan to trust past into areas patrolled by this pokemon should be very causious, for they do not fear the fearsome fairy type.

Granbull Dark/steel ability: intimindate/strong jaw

Upon evolution the “collar” like mass around its neck grows metal spikes, its fangs as well are 100% metal, allowing to inflict quite a vicious bite.

Delta Togepi Dragon Ability(weak armor)runaway No one knows where it’s egg came from. Dispite being unable to see Into it’s shell dna testing seems to indicate it’s a rare species of Togepi. Delta Togetic Ability (shed skin) spectacle(lowers opponents special attack 1 stage upon switch in) Dragon/flying No one understands what caused it’s subspecies mutation. Baring a striking resemblance to dragon types, being covered in light green scales, having horns, dragon wings and a tail. Delta Togekiss Ability shed skin/spectacle Dispite there being no confirmed sightings of it in the wild; there are sightings of it worldwide, so much so that biologists are considering there might be a wild population.

Delta bagon Dragon/rock. Ability rock head/weak armor

A result of a bagon giving up on it’s genetically induced dream to one day fly. It takes it’s anger out by smashing rocks with it’s head, that becomes harder with each blow that asorbs molecules from the rocks.

Delta shelgon Dragon/rock Rock head/ battle armor

It’s shell is insentially a boulder, sharing traits with the surrounding rocks of it’s habitat at a subatomic level. Their extremely loyal to there trainers.

Delta salamance Dragon/ground Rock head/ filter It’s entire body is covered in grey, mud looking scales, dispite what it’s appearance may suggest it moves with unbelievable speed with it’s serpentine body.

Mega Dragon/steel Tough claw

Thanks to it’s mega Stone and it’s trainers support it has grown wings on it’s forelimbs. Unfortunately for it it has grown red jewels upon it’s back and for a thrill; with the addition of it not understanding how to fly makes it extremely angry, increasing it’s strength to unbelievable levels.

Delta Jolteon Type: Dark/ Ice Black body with ice blue stripes , blue eyes , fur mane changed to ice mane electric blue

Isnt the point of the eeveelutions to be solely one type? I’d love the idea of a dual type eeveelution but I feel this Pokemon is better off as it’s own unique species instead of a Jolteon.

Delta dratini posion marvel scale/shed skin

Dex entry/ This subspecies evolved due to there posistion far inland, the dratini’s use the horn on their head to detect the electrical impulse of prey. Since they lack a nose they use their serpent tounge to sniff out prey instead.

Delta Dragonair posion Marvel scale/shed skin

It is an extremly misunderstood pokemon; thousands of legends have given this subspecies an infamous reputation. It would often apporach people in an attempt to greet them but most people run away in terror.

Delta dragonite Posion/ dragon Marvel scale/shed skin

Like its prevelution it is extremly misunderstood. this stacked with its extreme intellgence normally spirals this pokemon into a state of sadness once ever blue moon. Dispite this however, it will approach any human in the woods thinking that all humans are lost and try to help them. But due to its sudden appearance and its physical appearance it scares most humans off.

Delta valluaby the shining pokemon psychic/flying ability channeler: when hit by a ghost type move this pokemons special attack increases, it takes no damage from the attack. Battle armor The appearance of this delta species is rather rare in the wild; for in order to appear the spirit of its diaper must still be clinging to the bone and the vaullaby must befriend the normally angry spirit(most of the time they are mad they’re being used as a diaper) but once the spirit begins to care for the baby the two “merge”, allowing the baby to channel power from the other side, with the spirit on its side, of course, teaching how to hone its power.

Delta Mandibuzz the medium pokemon psychic/ghost ability channeler / levitate

It has since mastered channeling power from the other side, for every bone it gathers it gains a part of that bones previous owners experiences and a slight boost in their ghostly abilities. It is said that one mandibuzz can hold the experiences of a thousand life times. Ironically this subspecies shows sympathy for cubones, seemingly drawn to them by their mother’s spirit.

Delta Rufflet Fire defiant/intimidate the hybrid pokemon

Its the result of a mad scientists attempt at fuseing pokemon genes togeather, by fuseing litleo and rufflet. The scientist only created males so they could not reproduce. They often will be seen trying to get airborne but they cant for a number of reasons.

Delta Braviary Mold breaker/intimidate rthe griffin pokemon

The rufflets that escaped and evolved seem to have gathered at the same mountain top in an unexplored region of kalos. They have a hatred towards ponyta for an unknown reason. It has been found that theyll only listen to their trainers and pull pranks on anyone who tries to command them that is not their trainer. They could often be seen crying, knowing they’ll never find a female half.

Delta toditdile ground sand cloak/strong jaw

It is unknown when exactly this subspecies came into exsistance and why. They could often be found inhabiting deserts devoid of sandiles, possibly filling a similar niche. But this has been in argument because in the great unova desert there have been reports of this delta species living along side them.

Delta crocanaw ground/fighting sand cloak/strong jaws

Each individual scale is as hard as stone, due to the constant exposure to the sand of the lands it inhabits, When this pokemon spots prey it uses sand attack on the prey before jumping in to deal the killing blow.

Delta feraligato ground’fighting sand hide(defense/special defense double in sand storm) Tough claws

Do to the constant digging in the sand its hide and claws have transfomred to allow it to burrow through the sands at astonsishing speeds, even rivaling the speeds of garchomp, almost every part of its body is a weapon in some way. {colors are a black like real life alligators}

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delta chikorita ice It was brought back to life from a fossil found in the tundra. Upon realising his discovery, fearing someone would want it destroyed, he gave those he created to any trainer that would accept them, The snow ball looking growths around its neck could cause frost bite if petted for too long.

Delta chikorita Ice The gowths have blossomed to resemble snow flake branches. It will sway the icy crest on its head to spread molecules to drop the temperature around it.

Delta maginum Ice/ghost It seems to have channeled the spirit of which its dna originally belonged to. With this power it is able to unleash unbelveable attacks, unlike the world has ever seen.

Or would you like to see Delta maginum water/ice?

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it seems like… im a year to late XD Your delta-gastly line seems like really cool, especially the multiple hands, but somehow the eyes are disturbing me. Or more the colors of the eyes. Perhaps they seem better, if they have something like a light blue touch… like Hellfire (if you know what i mean)

Pokemon: Heracross

Type: Steel, Dark

References: Bisharp like

Notes: Heracross with a bigger body and armor


Delta grimer Ghost/poison Ability tarnish( sticky hold and pickpocket combinded) Oil slick( water type moves deal no damage to this Pokemon while it poison type moves deal super effective damage to water types. Fire type moves deal super effective damage to this Pokemon) This Pokemon was discovered while drilling for oil. It’s extremely helpful and is able to fuel a variety of machinery as long as this Pokemon is in contact with it. It’s existence has brought into question the original of grimer species as a whole, since all oil grimer specimines have exsisted for millions of years.

Delta muk Ghost/poison

It lives on the sea. It will consume any water Pokemon unlucky to be in the vincimity of this Pokemon. It’s perferred prey is pelliper.

Delta sabyleye Water/fairy ability: swift swim/prankster It has adapted upon belief to live in the water. It lurks on lakebeds and rivers in search of gold. its eyes have become like pearls. Its blue body allows it to blend almost perfectly with the surronding water, the only thing giving it away are its few literally gold scales scatered across its body. It enjoys to torment children that come into the waters it lurks in. It uses its sharp claws to dig on the river beds and its often said where theres sabeyes theres gold.

The PIxie Twos!!! Manados Water psychic ability/drizzle Unlike most of the pixie clones it was born from what appeared to be a normal manaphy egg. When placed into a super large poke aquarium for research; it hatched into this bizare pokemon. Upon birth it literally vanished into the water to not be seen for two days. When it returned the aquarium was destroyed and many of the water pokemon were found in their natural habitats. This pokemon is considered extremly dangerous and has a unquenchable hatered towards humans due to their treatment to the seas.

Celebeast fairy/grass Ability: Natures avenger: grass type moves deal no damage and raise this pokemons special attack up one stage. Special move Ally of the leaves: For the next 5 turns bug type moves deal no damage to the user and grass type and bug type moves increase in power for all pokemon on the field. Upon being unable to find the elusive celebi, but being able to find its ever so common “fairy dust” scientists attempted to clone this pokemon. It went as great as all of the mewtwos, only this time the labatory were the specimens were destroyed by an onslaught of vines.

Mewtwo(delta) Psychic Adaptability According to what remains of the perfectionists cult, years of work resulted in the truly perfect mewtwo. Like all of its brothers its powerful, but unlike all of them it has a purpose and feels loved by those that command it. Its power can only be rivaled by an equal.

Mega delta mewtwo Dark/psychic Brute force(basiclly beast boost)

Victwo Fire/psychic ability: Fed flame(with each rival defeated its special attack goes up one stage) No one knows who created it, how and why. All that is known is that it likes to be alone, but clearly craves contact but can’t bring itself before others; probably due to a tramatic experience.

Diancrak Rock/ghost Magic gem: Fairy type moves deal 2* damage It is believed to be a blossomed carbink, created thousands of years ago by ancient people trying to create a diance. Clearly death came to the poor carbink, and it is said to have been resurrected by rage. Those that walk the earth still crave vengence against humanity. They often protect carbinks from poachers and sabelye.

Mega diancrak Fairy/ghost Magic gaurd Only when a human and a diancrak are close can this pokemon be revealed. Its power is like that the world has ever seen. Since shedding its rock extererior it moves at lighting speeds.

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Delta onix Ice Ability aqua scales(boost resistance of water type damage taken and increases the amount that is dealt.)

It exsistance was long thought to be a myth, for it spends most of its times in depths, hidden my the surronding darkness. Its exsistance was only revealed when a subarine off the coast of the alola region collided into one of these pokemon during an expedition.

Delta steelix Dragon/water ability: swift swim Evolve(trade while holding mystic water) It uses the multiple paddles on its body to swim through the depths with unbelievable speeds. It lurks at depths many pathoms deeper then that of its prevelution,., for the pressure is a leading cause in the onix evolution. It is easily identifiable by its jet black body and multiple white flippers. When sick or dying they’ll bring themselves to shallow water, this is the only time humans normally see them in the wild and many humans go through great lengths to capture it.

Mega delta steelix Ice/water Ability(filiter) Many cave paintings discovered suggest the power of this mighty mega was unleashed by a young man eons ago. It appears that a kind man nursed a delta steelix back to health and joined the boy. Togeather the two conquired their rivals. It is believed these paintings are the first depictions of mega evolution in art.

Delta Charmander(electric) After he lost his Charmander to the rain, a breeder made it his lifes mission to breed a Charmander immune to the threats posed by water, thus this little guy was born.

Delta Charmeleon (electric) This Pokemon enjoys battles, it will fight using it’s claws cloaked in electricity. The bulb at the end of it’s tail glows brighter as it gets more excited.

Delta Charizard (electric flying) Shocker(when in trouble it’s electric type moves are boosted)ha:lighting rod It enjoys flying through thunderstorms. Any rain that would about to make contact with it’s body poof away into steam before coming into contact with it’s body due to the static that surrounds it’s body.

Mega Charizard B Ability tough claws Electric fighting It’s power knows no limits, it is said each punch from this Pokemon is equal to being struck by lightning.

Mega Charizard c Electric/flying Ability drizzle It moves as fast as a lighting bolt some say, using thunderbolt from heights its opponents can not reach. When in battle it draws forth thunderclaws with a few flaps of its wings.

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I think instead of a lightbulb at the end of its tail, it would seem better, if there are Sparks, instead of fire, wouldn’t it?

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I actually like that more. Thanks.