Delta suggestion thread

Delta chimchar, Poison electric. Abilities are either poison touch or motor drive and hidden ability is corrosive. It’s light blue with purple limbs. And it’s cowlick is a light blue thunderbolt.

Delta monferno would be the same typing, instead of fire on its tail it’s purple gas and the blue eyebrow on its head is black and the white stomach it has is a shade of lavender, the purple on it limbs has thunderbolt markings on its hands and feet.

Delta infernape, instead of the fire on its head it just thick purple gas and a thunderbolt crown. The breast plate it usually wears is still there but it looks like its rotted. The light blue fur coat has darkened from its previous forms to a nice dark purple, it’s white body fur is replaced with black fur and on its hands it has a small spike like croagunk.

Mega delta infernape, Poison electric, ability is Merciless. The gas on its head catches a spark and ignites. The poison forms gauntlets on its hands and the sparks doubles in size, the breastplate forms into a full on chest plate with pauldrons. The hair on its face extends.

Delta infernape stats are HP:86 Atk:134 def:71 spatk:54 spdef:71 spd:128

Mega delta infernape: HP:86 Atk:170 def:71 spatk:44 spdef:81 spd:158

Delta Mega Manectric, Dragon/Steel. Inspiration: Lairon? idk just randomly came up with it. Regular Delta Manectric could be Dragon.

@XShadow if ur talking to me about delta shaymin idea welp first u shoulve mesaged me with @ cuz i just now see this but i just got this idea cuz i thought it would look coo i mean if u jus color the grass red it look like fire

Pokemon: Tropius Type: Poison/Dark Notes: It would be a darker green than normal with bushes on it’s back. The bushes would have black berries on them.The long leaves on it’s back could be branches with berries on instead. It could also have poison ivy around it’s neck. It’s brown parts could be a dark colour instead but i’m not too sure what colour.

Pokemon: Rapidash Type: Ghost/Ground References: anyone know coultergeist from pokemon sage? Notes: Don’t make it too similar to coultergeist

Pokemon: Flygon Type: Bug/Ice References: Anyone know that ice moth from pokemon uranium? Notes: Don’t make it too similar to the moth pokemon

Pokemon: Infernape Type: Electric/Fighting References: WUKONG!!! Notes: Don’t make it too much like thunderus tho

Pokemon: Arcanine Type: Grass/Rock References: Like those lion statues


Pokemon- Skitty and Delcatty

Typing- Dark

Notes- Perhaps taking a light grey hue with their pelt and darker grey blotches, they would have bobbed tails rather than the longer tails. Pink to magenta gradient for the eyes of them both. They would have to look intimidating of course. Thicker more shaggy fur and visible claws.

Please and thank you.

Fire/Fairy Greninja

pink skin and fiery crown and fiery tongue. Shurikens are made of fire and are on the sides of the pokemon. has flame body, simple and protean as abilities. and instead of webbed feet, it should actually have hands or something

Delta Buisel Line Type: Steel/Flying (Fire/Flying After Shields Down Activates) Ability: Steelworker HA: Shields Down References: Mainly based on the Hindenburg Disaster and then the idea just sorta evolved :stuck_out_tongue: Notes: The main body is basically robotic with the tails being sorta like the propeller and the air-sac being sorta like the balloon part of zeppelins

Request form: Pokemon: Clefairy and Clefable Type: dark References: the exact opposite of clefairy Notes:like gengar almost but black and more evil rather than ghost like. maybe having some sort of mist coming from it would make it look a little evil

Pokemon:Cubone & Marowak Type:Dragon Psychic Reference: Steam Idea:Make it have three eyes and Wings of Steam,They Are NOT wearing skulls,They Are Cloaked By the steam,Add a Dragon tail if u want.

Pokemon: Darmanitan line

Type: Bug for Darumaka, Bug/Fighting for Darmanitan

References: a maggot and a fly

Notes: Make Darumaka look like a maggot with tiny hands, big eyes and no feet, possibly replace them with webbing or slime; for Darmanitan give him those big bug eyes, similar to Venonat’s or Dustox’s eyes, replace his eyebrows into antennas and extend his nose downwards to make it like a fly’s proboscis. Give him tiny fly wings on his back (I mean really unproporcional for his size) and segment his arms and legs like bugs have. Just for nitpicking, if possible remove his hind legs and replace them with two rows of skinny, segmented, bug-like hind legs. As for color scheme, I think Yanmega’s would do fine and do as you please with the shiny.

Pokemon:Totodile line

Type: Poison, Poison ground

References: The legend of the crocodiles inside the the sewers of new york.

Notes: The skin must be greenish or even brown, Feraligator may have the top of a sewer as a hat, eating some trash, whatever you like

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How about delta toadtidle. Fire/ground ability: tough claw

Dex entry: Living in close vincinitey to a volcano gave this pokemon an unbeliveable resistance to the heat, it could be seen frolicking in magma along with magbys.

Delta crocanaw Fire/Ground Tough claw

Each tooth in its jaw is scolding hot, and is a deep firery red as a result. Unlike the toditdile it digs through earth, senseing prey above it before ambushing it with its scolding bite from beneath the earth.

Delta Feraligator Fire/ground Tough claw (hidden ability:scholding: water type moves that hit this pokemon evaporate, raiseing its attack stat due to the steam created.)

Dex entry: It’s coal colored scales become scholding hot in the heat of battle. A trainer needs to train this pokemon to hold back some of its power in battles in order to prevent seriously harming another pokemon that comes in contact with its scholding body.

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Delta cubone Normal ability rock head Dex entry: Being bred in captivity along with its mother it does not have a skull to wear, so its mother creates a cap for her infant out of the eggshell. It wears it all the time, refraining from showing its face it wields a stick with the same force a wild cubone would wield a bone.

Delta marowak Normal/ground ability: Great club (basiclly tough claw) Its new cap bares a strikeing resembelence to that of its mother. It was crafted from stone as a cubone when its eggshell cap became to small, now bounded to its skull its head is rock hard. It has crafted a mighty club using only the finest stone and sticks at its disposal.

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Delta Marowak Normal/Rock Ability rock head/ Grand club.(tough claws basically) The hell that fused to head bares a striking resemblance to it’s mother’s helm. It has carved a variety of runes into its axe, though undeciphered as of now it’s believed that they’re tributes to it’s deceased Grandma. It weilds it’s club with same for a normal Marowak would wack it’s opponents with it’s club.

Notes: Giving it a thick bone changes it Sprite to it holding a bone.

Delta venonat Electric Ability Volt asorb/lighting rod This Pokemon sucks on outlets just like elekids. It has become a well known pest, eating cables and power lines in order to feed on the electricity. When this Pokemon gets excited electricity bounces between it’s two attennas. Evolves while knowing flash. Delta venamoth Electric/flying Volt asorb/Motor drive It’s adomen bares a striking resemblance to that of a light bulb. It uses flash to stun it’s opponents, it’s most common being power plant maitence workers that try to repel this pesky Pokemon from constantly damageing the power plant in it’s quest for energy. Thanks to it’s black body in contrast with the night sky it’s often mistaken for a ufo or shooting star.

Delta larvatar Steel Ability:cool armor( fire type moves become not very effective on this Pokemon) reactor( the power of this Pokemon electric type moves are doubled and electric type moves deal less damage then normal) Hidden ability weak armor. This Pokemon was the result of scientists constant experiments on the Pokemon, by feeding it a variety of metals it’s once rock eco skeleton has become steel like. Scientist hope there research might result in the world’s first living nuclear reactor. Delta Pupitar. Steel/poison Ability Melt down( when this Pokemon takes a super effective hit, it’s special attack increases sharply and contact with this Pokemon might inflict posion.) fallout: creates a dangerous field of radiation that inflicts damage to Pokemon every turn with the exclusion of steel and poison types.) Hidden ability (reactor)

The scientist were successful in their experiments. Essentially creating a living reactor, however it has more control over it’s power then attended and is quick to anger. It’s very dangerous so the scientist tryed to dispose of it by burrying it. But this caused more problems for the neighboring people. Delta Tyranitar Steel/poison Ability:melt down/fallout. Hidden(reactor) An angered Pokemon has left entire cities in ruin after it’s rampage. It leaves the ruins uninhabitable for it leaves life ending radiation in it’s wake. But dispite all the negitace attention the species gets a trained one of these Pokemon are very friendly and there are power plants run on this Pokemon power.

Mega evolved Dragon/posion Radioactive( contact with this Pokemon leaves a for terribly poisoned. Every time this Pokemon hit by a special move there’s a chance it’s opponent might become posioned.)

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Delta slowpoke Dragon Ability: Moxie/oblivious

Lore: With experimentation, scientists successfully removed what made slowpoke so slow with the power of Gene splicing. The results were an aggressive, swift pokemon; literally the opposite of a regular slowpoke. Instead of using its tail as a lure it uses it as a spear to harpoon unlucky prey.

Design: It has green scales with yellow spines running from its head to were its tail begins. There are no spines on its tail. Special move: Harpoon Tail 90 dmg. Dragon high crit rate. 80 acc.

Evolves after leveling as a result of a shelder.

Delta Slowbro Dragon/fighting Moxie/ Shell shock(damage from super effective moves is halved by 1/4)

Lore: After attempting to prey on a shelder the shelder latched onto the slowbros tail evolving it. Due to its genetic differences it reacts differently to the posion. Whenever it enters a battle the shellder on its tail bites down, injecting poison into the slowbro; this makes the slowbro impervious to the feeling of pain and makes it stronger in battle. Different Slowbros have different reactions to their shellders posion.

Slowking Dragon/psychic Hydro power(increases the power of water type moves used) Shell shock Evolve while koing a shellder while equipped with a kings rock.

Lore: The posion from the shellder has curved its violent nature. The chemical reaction to shellder posion has also allowed Slowking to reconnect with its psychic heritage, a master of special attacks, it enjoys battling. It will only listen to skilled trainers for Slowking is quite an intelligent Pokemon.

Delta slakoth Ability: static Electric Notes: In an attempt to get a slakoth up and moving scientist isolated the genes that made it so lazy. The result was an extremely hyperactive pokemon, constant movement results in its fur producing electricity and static.

Delta Vigroth ability: truant Electric/ground It seems upon evolution its genes seemed to mutate in an attempt to correct itself, it resulted in a vigroth that is extremely lazy, its extremely dark fur and its way it positions itself while lying down gives it the appearance of a bearskin rug.

Delta Slaking ability: Static touch(any contact with this Pokemon has a chance to inflict paralysis.) Electric/fighting

It seems upon evolution a mutation occurred that flushed the “laziness” gene from its system. In the wild, it is often mistaken for a stray infernape or primeape due to its appearance and speed at which it moves across the forest floor. Its power is unmatched.

I was very surprised to find out that there was no Delta pokemon at the trash dump so I started to brainstorm some ideas for it.

Delta Zigzagoon. Posion Ability poison touch

Dex: It seems that prolonged exposure in the dump site has casused the local zigzagoons to adapt to the new enviroment to take advantage of new food source. It is covered with toxic needles.

Delta Linoone Poison/dark ability pickpocket Once it evolved it left the dump it called home, across the region there are reports of this sly pokemon breaking into homes and stealing food.