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Delta suggestion thread


I’d like to make a request:

Pokémon: Trapinch Type: Steel Ability: Arena Trap, HA: Strong Jaw Reference: I’m not sure what you mean by “reference”, but just make it sort of metallic and robotic. Notes: Metallic and robotic, with a metal jaw surrounded by bolts.

Pokémon: Vibrava Type: Steel/Fighting Ability: Steelworker*, HA: Levitate Reference: Just sort of… I still don’t get what you mean by “reference”. Notes: Metallic body and wings, with metal pincirs replacing it’s weird face spikes, and little fists on the ends of it’s legs.

Pokémon: Flygon Type: Steel/Fighting Ability: Steelworker*, HA: Levitate Reference: Once again, not sure what to put here. Notes: Completely metallic, with a segmented tail with bolts around the segments. It also has longer, sharper claws, and it’s eyes are yellow robotic lights.

Pokémon: Mega Flygon Type: Steel/Fighting Ability: Mega Blaster** Reference: You get the idea… Notes: Completely metallic and robotic, with a segmented tail with bolts surrounding the segments. It has sharp, pointed antennae and claws, and glowing yellow lights for eyes. It also has three sets of rapidly-beating sharp blades for wings.

*A new ability in Sun and Moon which powers up steel-type moves. It is currently unknown how much it powers them up.

**Basically Mega Launcher, but it also powers up “cannon” and “blast” moves.


When they ask for a reference, they are asking about any specific examples you might have for a design. Which you actually gave them in the form of notes, so you’re good. But if you were to give a design based off a specific species of animal, say an Aberts Squirrel version of Pachirisu, Reference would be a good place to describe the animal or provide a picture.
Example: Reference: Aberts Squirrels are black and look slightly different from most squirrels because of the long tufts of hair on their ears.

Hope that helps!


not really any different


what do you mean


can someone try and make the pichu line? i’m new to the forums and i don’t really know anything about computer design and stuff


There already is a delta pichu line, and it’s going into the game. Someone correct me if I’m wrong about this


Idea- Delta Spiritomb Ice/Ghost Basic Idea- Looks like a Shiny Spiritomb, but some parts are frozen, and its coming out of an Icy Rock. Notes- Make the Keystone an Icy Rock Ice Crystals have Blue tint Please have it have a Different Expression Ice Crystals only on Edge, not face.


what is it? i’m really excited for that delta line :3


I don’t know if it’s been submitted but the totodile line can also be a delta-line Request form: Pokemon: Totodile Type: Rock/Ground References: Make it on 4 legs and a regular alligator colorway make it have rocks all over it Notes: Maybe let it have the color change ability or the rough skin because of the rocks on it’s body and as i saw in a previous post the type advantage should be retained over the delta cyndaquill (which is 4 times weak to fire) this totodile would be 4 times weak to water. Hope this suggestion is a good one :smiley:

Delta Pokemon

Pokémon: litleo and pyroar Type: ice/fairy for female and ice/fighting for male Reference: female should have flufy snow while male has sharp icicles like the ones on vanilluxe Notes: the males mane should still have some snow Also can Rune do it if it’s not to hard


Pokemon:Gible line Type:Water/Steel References:mechanical sharks Notes:Make them look like actual hammerhead sharks


Sorry for the very late reply. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Pokemon: Phantump/Trevenant Type: Fire/Steel References: Since it needs to be pixel art and not a 3d sprite, this pixelated form of the two could help when making it. (Source: These will also help in the design once you read below. Notes: My idea is to replace the shadows inside of the two pokemon and the grass with blue fire, and then replace the wood with metal/stone bricks. Reference is above. Also, the eyes could be a bright blue, like the fire.


I’m not sure if this thread is dead or not, but could I please request a delta goomy line based off of sweets? Like a jello/ice cream goomy, a gummy bear/chocolate bunny-esque goodra, and maybe a gummy worm/sugar sligoo (you don’t have to make these exact ones). I don’t really care who makes it (if anyone does), but I just wanted to submit it. I have literally no other constraints.


Delta Rhyperior - Water Steel Makes bubbles where it would be the rocks, The bubbles are as hard as metal. I made a little one here, but not that good.


It more of a recolor rather than a delta


@Carnation1 I made a Sweets based line for your request


When you really don’t know what to do, so you just kinda wait for the suggestion thread to pop something out ;-;


Pokemon:Rotom Type: Bug or Grass References: While normal rotom is a poltergeist thing, delta rotom would bond w/ natural objects to change forms Notes: I don’t really care what the forms are, but I think things like boulders and trees would make sense. You don’t have to make the alt. forms if you don’t want to. It could look like an ant or a type of fungus, depending on the type you give it. EDIT: Now that I think about it, this would be better: Pokemon: Rotom Type: Psychic/Ghost Reference: More of a natural poltergeist, possesses natural objects, keeps its psychic typing when it changes forms. Notes: Same as original, except for the ant/fungus thing.


Pokemon:electrode Type:Dark/water Reference:Puffer Fish Notes:Put some spikes that would make it a pufferfish-pokeball