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Delta suggestion thread


@snugglymisskitten Here’s your delta paras line.


Looks absolutely amazing. Thanks! A lot better than what I envisioned!


@PurpleZaffre Here’s your Dratini line. not sure what you really wanted to do with it, so… yeah.


Looks really cool! Thanks! I think I’ll just add something on Dragonite’s head :stuck_out_tongue:


Pokemon: Dratini line Type: Ghost References: None Notes: None


Why are you literally just suggesting type changes to the dratini line? And you don’t even put references?


Yeah when you just suggest a type, people have no idea what to make


Pokemon: Gastly line Type: Fire/Ground Reference: Burning piece of sulfur Notes: Sulfur burns with a faint blue flame, producing a dark red blood-like liquid from the combustion, it’s a yellow sandcrystal-like stone. It would have ridge-like details to give a stone look, with the extremes of the body already fully consumed by the flames (dripping blood-like liquid, no longer on fire) and the stone engulfed in blue flames.


Be more descriptive dammit or people won’t know wtf to make


Pokemon: Celebi Type:Fire/Fairy Reference:Like a Guardian that uses fire power Note: its head will be flames and it must look like a guadian of something


Pokemon: Sigilyph Type: Electric/Steel Ability: Plus/Minus HA: Levitate Reference: Sigiylyph’s Body gains a mettalic coat, and wings give off magnetic waves. Simmilar to how the Magnetic field around earth forms. The body of Sigilyph being the Central Core. And Electrical Fields Surrounding it acting like a cage protecting it.



Pokemon: Stantler Type: Rock/Grass Ability: Overgrowth, Grass Pelt HA: Rock Head Reference: Stantler’s Horns become more bulky and moose like where it’s body hardens and over time it gains a rocky coat boosting it’s defense, Moss is seen growing on it’s Horns and along it’s body.


There should be a Delta Drifloon and Drifblim


There are. Fire/flying types iirc


Are they formed by the passionate spirits of people and Pokemon?

Delta Slugma/Magcargo (DO NOT LOOK AT YET)

Huh? I don’t understand.


Nvm lazily written Pokedex entry :stuck_out_tongue:


whilst not necessarily being a delta, I’d Love to see a recolor of Arcanine with the Pokemon Reborn colors. (Blue, Red, Green, and Purple) My thought is to have a black body and replace the strips on its side with a single band of each color.


Pokemon: Delta Spinarak/Ariados.

Spinarak Type: Dark/Poison Ability: Poison Touch HA: Anger Point Reference:

Ariados Type: Dark/Poison Abilities: same as Spinarak Reference: Ariado’s Eyes become completely red, no pupils. It gains 2 extra sets of legs (8 total) and Is Hanging from a Spider Thread. The Two antenna on it’s abdomen are replaced by a red Hourglass symbol (That of a Black Widow) and It’s entire body follows a Red and Black Color Scheme.

It’s Poison touch ability based on a Black Widow’s Rep for being one of the more poisonous spiders, Anger Point based on Venom (Spider Man Villan)


Pokemon: Pichu line Type: Fire/Poison References: Something like a Chimera but make it like speedy so it has like fiery legs and a poisonous tail Notes: Maybe more of a physical attacker with high speed