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Delta suggestion thread


Pokemon: Honedge Line (at least Doublade) Type: Steel / Fairy References: I’m imagining a mystical sword like one might see in an anime or a fairy tale. Notes: I’ll leave the artistic interpretation to you.

Second idea: Pokemon: Eevee Type: ghost References: either a ghost type eeveelution or a delta eevee with type ghost Notes: this concept originated because my friends play a pokemon tabletop game and I designed a trainer specializing in ghost and poison types. I wanted a Thraxeon (their home made poison evolution) but thought it might be cooler if she had an eevee that died and came back as a ghost type because of their close bond.


Pokemon: Gengar Line Type: Dark/Fire References: I would picture the gengar line going from ghosts to impish or demon looking characters. Ghastly could have a red and black color with a dreary expression instead of a smile. Haunter could have 6 hands and has a shut smirk instead of his wide grin. Lastly, gengar could be a bit thinner and look a bit more menacing with horns and spikes. Side Notes: You don’t need to go by these descriptions, but I still think that a more demonic or serious look to the ever goofy Gengar clan would be interesting.


I got one perfect for this Pokemon: paras Type: steel References: I was thinking it has giant screws on its back. Notes: Screws instead of mushrooms

Pokemon: parasect Type: steel/ghost References: Only one screw on the back!~ Perhaps there will be a ghostly aura leaking from the seams of the machine? Notes: Maybe instead of a fungus taking over its body, a computer virus does the dirty work!


Pokemon: Dratini line Type: Grass References: None Notes: None


Pokemon: buneary line Type:psychic/fighting References:belly dancers Notes: has red velvet fur ear piercings and wear’s a veil


Request form Pokemon: Ponyta line Type: Ghost / Psychic References: Sleipnir from Norse mythology Notes:Levitate or intimidate as regular abilities, Bad Dreams as HA. Sort of shrouded in fog and funeral linens. Just a kinda unnerving vibe.


Pokemon: Goomy Line Type:Water/Poison Reference: More of a slime and less of slug dragons.


thanks for that image! TBH, I kinda wish there was a delta Typhlosion in Insurgence. It’d be pretty cool for Typhlosion fans everywhere!


Pokemon: Steelix Type: Dragon/Water References:

Notes: I really love how leviathan looks in the final fantasy games. I wish there was a leviathan pokemon that I truly liked. So here goes nothing.

Thank you so much.


@Ellazz Here’re your theme swaps. It took a while (Greninja was a pain in the butt).


@KrissLight Here is your Brazen Bull Tauros. I wasn’t sure which I liked more, so here’s with smoke and without smoke.


Pokemon: Honedge Type: Dark/Ghost References: Possession Notes: Draw Honedge without it’s sheath and make it’s blade longer. Make the arm look more ragged and worn and have it’s fringes/fingers look like sharp claws. Thank you to whoever draws this!



OMG I LOVE IT!!! Is so cool, thanks :smiley:


@SightlessReality Here’re your Deltas. I tried to give the statue something to differentiate from it’s normal looks, but the bowser hair I gave it might not look the best. I also included your mercury blob shuckle, which I personally like better.


Here’s the Vampire Bat Gligar/Gliscor @Technowizerd wanted.


That looks amazing thank you!


@Saikotsu Here’s my take on your delta ideas. I apologize for the horrid custom eeveelution. I’m not the best at custom sprites.


Nice! I like them both. I like how you made the Honedge Line more like katanas. Thanks for taking the time to do this! And don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re far better than I am.


@sirpokesprite Here’s your idea for the Delta Gengar line. I was playing a bit of Pokken recently, so Gengar’s multiple hands are based a bit off of his portally hands. Now, I didn’t want to make you wait longer than you had to, so I didn’t include a mega. DM me if you want it and I’ll try to work it in.