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Delta Sprite Request Dropbox continued(?)

Also, guys, everyone can post here. I am doing some other stuff but, I will do these as well if I get some, if any time.


I already did a Steel Type Rayquaza.

Exactly. So much work.


Ik it’s just I kinda have a thought on how a new one would look


Oh. Gotcha. Makes sense then.


Here are all the requests I didn’t get to, if you want to give them a try. I’ll put the name of the requester next to each one (sorry in advance for mentioning you guys).

JojoBoss247 (I’ll just ping @Piazziami861 so he can tell Jojo I remembered): Ground Type Grookey line, with Rillaboom being part Fighting.
@pokemonster97: Electric-Fairy Beedrill line.
@Crystal: Poison-Psychic Oshawott line.
@BlackCinders: Fairy-Water Reshiram, Fairy-Ground Zekrom, and Fairy-Steel Kyurem.
@ShayminUp7: Grass-Fighting Furret (with a Mega) and Poison-Fairy Shaymin (check here for the full post, including beta images).
@Taco: Poison Type Panpour, Bug Type Pansage, and Psychic Type Pansear lines.
@pokenmaster: Unspecified Delta Necrozma.

i would like a ??? type arceus

it can also be crystal type

ability: protean
primal ability: Retribution - the opponent takes 50% recoil from each attack.

pokedex entry - stories say this is the creator of another universe. it is said that the crystal fragment was originally a part of this Pokémon.

Primal evolution is activated by giving crystal piece

can you make a crystal type arceus

Ima do blackcinders’ request. And maybe the monkeys.

@EnviousRage12 can you post the png mudkip?

it can be any type, but crystal seems to suit it

@pokenmaster I’d be willing to try it if you can give me the PNG pictures, that aren’t from a website and the sprite must be IN PIXELS. (bold just means important) DO NOT give me the 3D sprites otherwise I will be unable to make it.

Do these work?

Guess it’s a good thing I stockpiled a bunch of Gen 7 and Gen 8 sprites for my own Dropbox. Sorry if they’re a bit big; exporting on my Mac doubles the original size for some reason.


thanks, these look familiar, is it from a fan game with sound and cosmic type? btw these are awesome, size doesn’t matter



No. They’re sprites made by one of the Devs of Reborn.


Crystal will be hard… How about dragon, dark, poison, rock, or steel
Dual typing could be: Dragon-Dark, Poison-Steel, Rock-Psychic, or Poison-Dark
If not, sure I’ll try crystal-water


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Shore, I can do that!

what software do you use to edit sprites