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Delta Skorupi line


Big sprites :



Delta Skorupi



 Normal      Shiny     Normal      Shiny

Types :

Pokédex :

It hides into the ground, bombs its prays with rocks and then slowly bounce to them. It loves frightening humans that cross the desert by bounding all of a sudden.

Ability : Sturdy

Evolves into Delta Drapion by levelling up to the lv. 40.

Delta Drapion



 Normal      Shiny     Normal      Shiny

Types :

Pokédex :

Its powers are strong enough to make its base rock move easily. The emeralds that compose its claws bait many prays by their subdued glow.

Ability : Levitate

Lower page note (I’ll copy this to the end of the main post of each delta artwork topic I do, to be sure everyone know) :

I know that the Pokémon Insurgence game is on a feature lock and I know this Pokémon I made won’t be added to the game. I made it for myself and just wanted to share it with you all, even if this section is a bit dead by now. Hopefully that you like my work though!

(If you want to leave some comment about it, I’d be glad!)



I absolutely love how creative you went, brilliantly thought of and executed, well done!


This is brilliant still, great to see that people still use Holon Uni


I must admit I’m a bit out of ideas rn


If you want an ambitious idea that I had come up with the other day was a Delta Floette evolution, basically what I thought of is that would be it would have a primary type of course, but the secondary type is determined by the flower color, four flower colors would be available of course and the different flowers would be different.

Just an idea, if you dont want to do it, I understand.


What about Delta Meganium a steel/electric type robot one ?


Beileve me i’ve tons of ideas for deltas


well not tons


You probably want me to continue this line but I don’t wanna “paste” my work on another artist’s work :confused:


It could be really fun, but there is like 40 sprites, I don’t think it would be soon if I would like make it

  • I don’t think it’s this interesting, since it does not change the Pokémon this far, there still would be flowers


Yeah i want to see the continuation of the line but nvm


Hello there I have no idea of what I’ll do next so feel free to submit some ideas!


Delta Manaphy, Delta Marshadow


and this ? Delta Idea : Delta Poipole


Hol up,did you go to the future and toke this sprites back since there is no way it isnt in the game yet


This is necro-posting. After approximately 4 days, and no one has replied, it is considered necro-posting and everyone get’s pinged, everyone that has replied to this thread.