Delta Chikorita Line

Delta Chikorita Line [2/4 Complete]


Chikorita: Steel/Electric

Bayleef: Steel/Electric

Meganium: Steel/Electric

(Imagine them running around like toy cars)

Thanks for reading :smiley:
Check out @CGroundonFist 's Delta cyndaquil line!


Thats a nice idea maybe make meganium a tank or something like that. Something HUGE;-). Also make more details on bayleef that would really help. And for last i am doing the delta totodile line and all of this time is just for the skull… So yeah it is going to take a while

This is my totodile i have been working on and i think it turned out pretty great. It is meant to be a fossil came back to live. Let me know what you think :wink:

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Oh yeah also please let me know wich one is best!

Mega meganium is gunna be the tank :stuck_out_tongue:

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@CGroundonFist Oh and I like the ghost aura one, is it Rock/Ghost?

no ground ghost

@CGroundonFist Ohh nice

What about Delta Meganium ?

Stop necro-posting. It’s annoying. I’m a freaking broken record at this point! Don’t message dead threads, it just pings everyone. WHAT TF did I tell you, it’s been one freakin’ year!