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Delta Idea : Delta Poipole


I know Insurgence is feature locked but Elpison yes this is why i’m doing it

There’re four Delta Poipoles, and yes i know a Pokemon can get two Deltas but this isn’t the case : Earth, Fire, Ice and Flying

Delta Poipole (Earth) : Type : Ground Ability : Snoozer, the Pokemon auto rest when on lower than 55% health Dex Entry : A Delta Species discovered by ???, It eats more than Snorlax does in a week due unknown reasons, Scientist debate about the reason if they eat more than Guzzlord.

Delta Poipole (Ice) Type : Ice Ability : Icicle wall, Makes it immune to Electric, Fire and Rock attacks, Halves Psychical attacks Dex Entry : A Delta Species discovered by ???, These Pokemon wall themselves from other Pokemon and Humans, as they are shy and scared

Delta Poipole (Fire) Type : Fire Ability : Underworld’s revenge, If hit by a Water, Ground or Rock move a stat will raise by 2 stages Dex Entry : A Delta Species discovered by ???, it was believed that the Delta Pokemon came from the ruins of an old experiment when a Poipole came in contact with it

Delta Poipole (Electric/Flying) Type : Electric/Flying Ability : Mechanical Marvel, increases the stats of the Pokemon if a Steel type or Volcanion is in the felid Dex Entry : A Delta Species discovered by ???, It often creates storms as a result of young age, if hit by a lightning they will not eat for a month

Delta Skorupi line