Delta Nicknames/Team Help

I want to hear your Delta Pokemon nicknames for some fully evolved Deltas because
y e s
and also because I need help deciding my own.

and then I also wanna hear some feedback about my team.
Currently, it’s:

  1. D. Gallade @ Galladite
  2. D. Arcanine @ Muscle Band
  3. D. Greninja @ ???
  4. D. Blaziken @ ???
  5. D. Camerupt @ ???
  6. D. Magmortar @ ???

I’m only attached to D. Greninja, D. Arcanine, and D. Magmortar so if you have any other suggestions about Delta Pokemon (its a Deltalocke so I can’t use any others ._.) let me know. I’m thinking about replacing D. Gallade for D. Mismagius.

so yeah.

h e l p m e p l s

D. Greninja @ Expert Belt

D.Blaziken @Choice Band

@PeterHolmes74 and @ezlaturbo can help in pokemon movesets and also items

D. Arcanine runs Silk Scarf with SD, ESpeed, EQ, and either Dragon STAB or coverage like Crunch. D. Blaziken is Choice Band with Brave Bird, EQ, Blaze Kick/coverage/Zen Headbutt, and U-Turn. D. Gallade is fine, run SD, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, and Wild Charge/Thunder Punch. The other 3 I don’t have sets for, but I would replace Camerupt at least.

On the topic of these sets, should I keep D. Greninja (current replacement for D. Gallade) or just replace it for another Delta? I really don’t wanna use D. Gallade anymore ._.

M. D. Gallade is good, if you’re replacing it, M. D. Sunflora is a cool pick. M. D. Scizor can be pretty broken, especially with an Agility set, though I prefer Evio D. Scyther. Can’t think of any other megas rn…

About Names, I named my D. Venusaur Amethyst, which I think works pretty well for the final evo. Other than that, I can’t really think of any more. I’ll have to take a look at my save file.

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