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Favorite Pokemon Run

Vibedoge, you are an actual genius


cries in happy acknowledgement


Is that like a nuzlocke (If faints pokemon die)

Yeah but frick nuzlockes, I just call it where you have the entire team hatched but no nuzlocke rules a “rebirth” if that’s an acceptable term

You have, like 3 box full of eggs containing what you want. Having multiple of them is a very viable strat.

Imagine natdex egglocke lmao

We can finish pokedex using egglocke right ?

ehhh. Not sure about that.

laughs in Delta Hoopa, Delta Meloetta and Delta Regis
laughs in MISSINGNO
laughs in all legendaries

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I think I will hatch a giratina out of egg and beat all 6 gyms using all legends untill my full team is obtained

There’s no way to get Giratina out of an egg lmao

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Why ?

In short: There are ~17 breeding classes and one of them is specifically made for legendaries. The one made for legendaries makes them not able to breed under no circumstance, even if there is a Ditto.



pls help me with my dilemma in my post now that this one is solved ._.

Which is your post ?

Thank you again every one for helping me in my team


Just look on my profile and you’ll see it after a bit of looking around.
I’ll link it just in case

Yeah man!! It was fun