Delta Marshadow (Angel)

Delta Marshadow
The Ambrosia Angel Pokemon
Type: [ Fairy ] [ Flying ]
Ability: Deific (Dark type moves have no effect)
delta marshadow angel
delta marshadow angel shiny

Ambrosia Origin(for those who don’t know what it is):
In the ancient Greek myths, ambrosia is the food or drink of the Greek gods, often depicted as conferring longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it.

If I had to make a concept on how to find it, just go to some shrine somewhere, use the Ambrosia, and this thingy pops up.

First Edit: Changed Sprite and added Shiny


I really like it actually, but it looks kinda short and the hands look weird(not sure how else to describe them)

a) Marshadow is always gonna be short
b) thats what Marshadows hand look like
but i might take b into consideration considering i didnt do much editing to the torso

Although its shiny is hella DOPE , it is demonic and considering it’s a angel, it doesn’t really fit well
Maybe red and white color scheme would make more sense IMO

I disagree, Lucifer and his followers (the first demons) are all angels fallen™ from Heavens, I’d say the demonic color scheme fits it really well (and yes, it looks dope)

™ thrown out

Oh I didn’t know that. Well if that’s the case, d. marshadow and its shiny are awesome

I want it!

Who else from our fangame thinks this would make good Umbra/Lux pokemon? @Boggaspotatoe? @PeterHolmes74? @Steelman2004? @GiaPeNiw? @Firefiber733339? @ezlaturbo?

It would be a nice Lux, but I’ve already set all the Lux and Umbra Pokémon.

I do but ask the original creator for permission @JojoBoss247

ik. :smiling_imp:

doesn’t mean we can’t add more.

Uh…this could posibally be a morpeko kinda mon.

We could make the shiny be dark/dragon and the normal light/fairy. But we need to make diferrent shinies for it.

Sorry if this comment is a little late, but you guys are making a Pokémon game?

Yes we are! I am the lead dev.

Cool! I kind of want to start creating sprites starting with a delta Jirachi and it’s mega, so I wanted to know what everyone was spriting on.

Have you decided on a name for the game? And if this project is finished, will it be released?

The name has been decided. We are 2 months in the project.

I don’t know. You will have to find out.

Guess I will.