Delta Marshadow (Angel)

So Pokémon resistance eh, nice name.

@JojoBoss247 So I was scrolling through the off topic section and a person who claimed to be your cousin talked about the new game you and a couple others were developing and called it Pokémon resistance and asked which mega we wanted more between mega snorlax, mega volcorona and another mega (can’t remember the name.) I found this and I doubt this is true, but if it is true, you should consider not letting this person leak things out about the game especially if you want to keep it secret (which you seem to want to do).

That is my cousin, dw.

But he has a point, we probably shouldn’t be leaking stuff from resistance. It spoils the game making it less enjoyable

But since you want to keep it secret you should hide it better

I don’t mean to be rude, but why does this concern you?

What if they want to play the game? Their getting spoiled for no particular reason then @JojoBoss247

No, it is not spoiling, that is the MOST info I have given out of the game.
To make people excited about a game, you have to give just a few details.
That way they can look forward to the game. That way they can look forward to using a certain pokemon from the game or a certain feature. Does that make sense to you, @Boggaspotatoe?

I guess it does

Makes sense, I’m hoping for a new insurgence!

oho, this won’t be ANYTHING like insurgence.


I’m looking forward to getting that mega volcorona

Are you guys having trouble finding good sprites?

no, we got two great spriters.

Hopefully the project goes well, I can’t wait for another Pokémon fan game.

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