Common Technical Support Questions

Hi There! I’m one of the Mods who has commonly helped with a lot of technical problems. This is my guide to some of the more common questions I have seen asked as to ease questions for others. I hope these will help answer your questions and thank you for checking out Pokemon Insurgence!

Save File Help

    Save File Locations
    • Windows
      • C:\Users\(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence
      • Win Key + R > %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence > Enter
    • Mac : Right click the app, Show Package Contents
      • drive_c/Program Files/Pokemon Insurgence
      • drive_c/Users/Wineskin/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence
    • Linux
      • ~/.wine/drive_c/users/(your name)/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence

    Transfering Saves

    • Between Versions

      • Windows & Linux
        The Saves should transfers automatically between versions as they are store in a universal location
      • Mac
        Use the Locations above to locate your save on the old version and transfer it to the same location on the new version
    • Between computers

      • Windows & Linux
        Transfer the saves to the same location on the new computer as they are on the old you can use cloud drives (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or flash drives for this
      • Mac
        Move the install of the game and it should move the save as well

    Corrupt Save / Restoring Backup

      This may be fixed by restoring a back up save by the following process
    1. Locate your saves with the locations above
    2. Remove or Rename the Corrupt Save
    • Game.rxdata for Slot 1
    • Game_1.rxData for Slot 2
    • Game_2.rxdata for Slot 3
  • Rename Back Up to the name of the original save
    • Save_0_Backup_1.rxdata >>> Game.rxdata for Slot 1
    • Save_1_Backup_1.rxdata >>> Game_1.rxdata for Slot 2
    • Save_2_Backup_1.rxdata >>> Game_2.rxdata for Slot 3
  • Try and run the save
  • if it does not work with Backup 1 try 2 and 3
  • If none of the backups work your save is unretrivable sadly

Patching the Game




  • Windows & Linux
    1. Extract contents of Patch Zip/Rar
    2. Highlight Files & Copy
    3. Paste into Insurgence Install
        Press Overwrite File and Merge Folders When Prompted
  • Mac
      I Recommend checking this Youtube guide on patching the Mac verison [Link to Guide]

Mac Specific


Info.plist is Read Only

  • Move the Game to the Desktop or Applications Folder

X11 Error

  • Try using the Mirror install
  • Use this Community Guide to Wineskin the Windows Version [Guide]


  • Wait it out and locate the pop up asking if it is ok to run and allow

In Game

  • Quartz Flute isn't working / Follower Disappeared

      You will need to have your team get completely knocked out with a small Pokemon Center as your last heal location to re-enable the follower (Use Dexnav's Memory Chamber if no Trainers or Wild Battles are avalible)
  • Stuck in X Location

    • Secret Base
      • Use the Tablet to Warp out of Someone else's Secret Base
    • Cave
      • Use an Escape Rope
    • Anywhere
      • Use Dexnav's Memory Chamber to get yourself to whiteout and be sent back to a pokemon center or last Heal Point
  • Can't Upload Secret Base

      This error is not due to user fault and will not be fixed until later patches
  • The Game Freezes Before Gym Leaders and Major Events

      Disabling your Internet
  • The Script is taking too long, the game will restart

    • Close as many Background Programs as Possible
    • Try a Fresh Install
    • Disable Internet
  • Failed to Load X Bitmap

    • Re-Extract the Game
    • Download this and Extract into Game Directory
    • Re-Download the Game