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Running Pokemon Insurgence on macOS 10.13

So I noticed a few people were having an issue with the current macOS version of PI and while toying around with it I found out the wineskin wrapper was out of date.

There are two other ways you can do this using either the porting kit or the wineskin wrapper inside the macOS app but both of those ways failed to update for me. Both the wineskin porting kit and the wineskin wrapper inside the macOS app kept freezing when trying to update. So, here’s what I did in the hopes that it would help some of you.

I’ve tested this on macOS High Sierra 10.13, it should work fine on any version after El Capitan but I’m not entirely certain about anything prior. I can tell you that though anything before OS X 10.5 will probably, most likely not work.

It was suggested by Cheese555 to post it in the guides section since no one’s really written a guide to create your own wrapper and I’m almost certain there are easier ways to do this but at least this way gets you a bit more familiar with the tools involved so if you come across this type of situation in the future where the wineskin won’t update, you can update it yourself by referring to this or using what you’ve learned.

So, okay, I got it running by making my own Wineskin wrapper. It was much easier than trying to get the macOS version of PI running on High Sierra. I’ve verified that it works on my system so if anyone has issues setting it up, send me a PM or reply to this thread but if you follow the instructions you should be fine. Also check This Thread, just in case, since that’s the original thread where I worked on it.

Things you’ll need:

Wineskin Winery version 1.7 and the Windows core version of Pokemon Insurgence. (It’s recommended to duplicate it so that you don’t have to redownload it if you mess up)

First thing you’ll need is Wineskin Winery, which is available here:

The version I used is 1.7 and even though it says its only available for macOS Yosemite, it DOES work under High Sierra.

For the version of Pokemon Insurgence, you’ll need to make sure you get the full version, the core game. It will NOT work with the launcher version, so make sure you have the full, core game.

Link here:

Once you have those two items you’re ready to go!

Open Wineskin Winery and you should have a little window pop up like this:

Don’t be concerned if yours is completely blank and you don’t see the “Wineskin-2.6.2” in the “Wrapper Version”. You still need a wrapper and an engine installed.

Click the plus ( + ) symbol in the left-center section of the window in order to add a new engine.

I chose “WS9Wine2.16” from the drop down menu that pops up, but any of the newer engines should work:

You’re going to want to click “Download and Install” and then click “Okay” to, well, download and install it. Once that finished you should be back at the main Wineskin Winery screen and you’re almost ready to create your blank wrapper.

Next, make sure you click the “Update” button just below the window with the engine you just installed. It should update a wrapper in there for you, make sure its the Wineskin-2.6.2 wrapper or anything newer. (Thanks to Vetrix for letting me know this step. I was doing this part by memory because I’d already updated the wrapper.)

Go ahead and create a new blank wrapper by clicking on the button that says, “Create New Blank Wrapper”.

It is going to ask you a couple questions, the first of which will be the name of the wrapper/app. I named mine “PokemonInsurgence”. Go ahead and click “ok” once you have your name typed in.

It’ll take a little while for it to create the wrapper, while it does this it’ll help if you minimize everything on your screen so you can see any popups. The first time you create a wrapper its going to ask if you want to install .NET and HTML libraries in the wrapper. I went ahead and told it to install them. So essentially you’re going to get two popups that’ll ask you if you want to install, go ahead and click yes.

You’re going to get yet another popup, this one should be the one telling you that your blank wrapper has been created and if you want to view it in a Finder window. Go ahead and choose “View in Finder Window” because we’re still not completely done yet.

This is the finder window I got, ignore the “MyCoolWrap” apps. I was toying a bit to get proper documentation.

Go ahead and drag your wrapper to your desktop. This’ll make the next couple parts fairly easy.

Once the wrapper is on your desktop, right click on it and choose “show package contents”. You should get another finder window that looks like this:

Go ahead and double click just under “drive_C” to where it says “Wineskin”. You should get an image that looks like this pop up:

Go ahead and click “Install Software”. You’ll now have three options. I went ahead and chose “Move a Folder Inside”. It’ll open up a window and you’ll need to navigate to your Downloads folder. So choose “Downloads” on the left and then inside there you’re going to only click once to select the Pokemon folder, then select “Choose”.

Mine automatically populated the game.exe location, but yours should say:

Go ahead and click “Okay” and then “Quit”. And you’re all done!

All you have to do now is double click on the PokemonInsurgeance wrapper that you created and the game itself should run.

Edit: Fixed part of the guide that I was doing entirely by memory. Big thanks to Vetrix!

If your game doesn’t open in High Sierra (as in you double click the app but nothing happens), do this:

Right click the app, click show package contents. Inside there should be an app called “Wineskin”. Open that, and click Advanced. Then, click “Set Screen Options”. Uncheck “Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D”.

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I got to the part where you say to click the “Move a Folder Inside” section, but when I go to downloads, there isn’t a folder to put it into. Can you help me?


This is the exact part where I can’t figure out what to do.

When you click the “Move a Folder Inside” button, wait a few seconds and a dialog should pop up, asking for a folder. Select the windows core folder and click ok

Thank you!!! It worked!

Hi everyone, I posted this elsewhere but thought here would be more appropriate. I followed the instructions exactly as written above along with the ones in this link:

However, in both cases, opening the game simply results in it sitting in the dock and not responding until I force shut off my mac. It is completely unresponsive though it shows it is running. I am out of ideas and am wondering if you have any other tips. If it helps I am running on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1.

Thanks in advance!

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I’m having the same problem. Any help is appreciated… I probably could redownload the game but I’d have to start over and I have spent hours upon hours resetting for shiny legends which I really would rather not lose. If anyone knows a solution please let me know.

Two options to try off the top of my head:

Try updating the wrapper you’re using, there are some instructions on the reddit page, though it may or may not work. I had issues updating the wrapper via wineskin itself.


Create a new wrapper and copy and paste the Insurgence folder from the older wrapper into the new wrapper. Essentially, just follow the instructions to create the new wrapper then instead of choosing a new fresh download of Insurgence, ctrl+click (or right click) on the old wrapper, view the package contents, and pull the insurgence folder out of it and use that folder in lieu of a new downloaded version.

I haven’t tested/done much in the way of this in 10.3.1, as I just haven’t had more than a few minutes to sit down at a comp in the last week or so. But theoretically, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I have already tried both of those ideas. The first one worked properly but was unsuccessful in fixing my issue. The second method you suggested, on the other hand, simply did not work at all. Whether the fault of my computer or the content of the package itself (Or maybe I just am doing it wrong…? I have little experience in this type of computer work,) it would not allow the transfer of files between wrappers.

For those who have updated to Sierra and the game isn’t working do this:

Right click the app, click show package contents. Inside there should be an app called “Wineskin”. Open that, and click Advanced. Then, click “Set Screen Options”. Uncheck “Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D”.

hey im running a mac OS X Sierra and the game is launching perfectly but when it asks to start a new game i click yes and infinite black screen loading. ive tried to uncheck the gpu box and check it again and reinstall but it wont work. also im using wineskin 2.16 incase im supposed to be running 2.22 (thx for the help if any comes)

Try running 2.22, that might fix it. (I know you said it’s just a black screen but can you post a screenshot anyway?)

heres the screen when loading

Ok a few things to check. First off try clicking “c” a few times. (like 3-4).

I think you know how to use Wineskin 2.22, try using that instead of 2.16.

If that doesn’t work, right-click the app, click package contents, open the “Wineskin” app, click “Advanced”, and tell me what the text after “Windows EXE”.

Im having a huge issue. I’ve been trying to install for several months and nothings been working everything seems to be doing fine and i can complete the installation but the moment i have to run it it just opens up to a black screen just like the one @nateiscool246 posted but i dont even get to press start a new game or anything its just turn it on no sound or nothing if anyone can help me with this i’d be great

go to winkeskin settings and use the Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D setting check box on or off

thanks 2.22 worked

@nateiscool246 it said to do that in the instruction as well but it doesnt work and i have 2.22 as my engine but it still doesnt work just dark screen when starting the game up no intro no music just black screen this may be because i have 10.17 but i really want help

Hello, I got to the part where it says “Move a Folder Inside”. However when I go to select a folder, it won’t let me select anything. My Insurgence file is gray and I can’t click it. Anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks! 55%20AM

Never mind, I got it! I had to download the core game file. Thank you for this amazing thread!

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