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δClawitzer Line (and some partycrashers)

Starting things off with a Gun, here’s δClauncher and δClawitzer. Both electric types, and an idea I’m sure no one’s had before. They started off as railguns, then I had to scrap that idea when I found out that I had 0 clue what a railgun looks like. And when I DID look up a picture, the designs were just blegh. So assume that these are railguns, however oddly shaped they may be.
DeltaClau EtcDeltaClauShiny
DeltaClawi EtcDeltaClawiShiny

Next, some other random deltas I’ve made.
DeltaAero BugDeltaAgg idk
δAerodactyl, Bug/Dragon, and δAggron, uh, some combination of Normal, Ghost, Ground, and Rock.
DeltaDrap GndDeltaMaw Dgn
δDrapion, Ground type, maybe a secondary Ghost type, and δMawile, Dragon/Dark
DeltaPachi IcDeltaScraf
And finally δPachirisu, Ice type, and δScrafty, flying type. These two have their types due to… unfortunate circumstances. δPachirisu always feels cold, and δScrafty is so light that it can’t touch the ground. Admittedly, kinda mean of me, but… I’m already performing unethical experiments on Pokémon to change their types, so the point’s kinda moot.

That’s all for now, just a reminder, I stream often on the discord, and am generally pretty active there, so feel free to shoot me a message if you have an idea. Boro Out!


Very cool How do u get ideas tho?

can u make a new delta charizard with the typing dragon, electric…

D. Aggron looks Normal/Ground imo.

I just want to hug that Pashirisu so hard.

That pachirisu would be a great addition to the omg its so i cute I need it pile

Dont necro! pls