Can I make a team using all 3 metagross varieties?

i like metagross and i couldnt decide which variety to use so i wanna use em all, im just wondering what sets to run on them and what other 'mons should fill the remaining 3 team slots in a way that it actually works for a casual runthrough of the game


spidergross could prob run smth like sash with sticky web/sr, eq, x scissor, and some coverage. for the ruingross/crystal ruingross, @PeterHolmes74 an analysis

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for normal metagross, u could go band with meteor mash, zen headbutt, thunderpunch/explosion, and eq

i would do more but im on my phone right now. @ezlaturbo and @PeterHolmes74 might want to help

thanks for your input

welcome to the community

thank you

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nice to meet another metagross fan!

been my favorite pokemon since i first used one in oras, which may be why i want to use 3 of them at once

i know what u mean. i had a team of metagross once in insurgence. three normal three shiny. then my computer broke :sob:

now thats a team right there

took me forever to get them all. but totally worth it

nice, were any of them a mega just out of curiosity?

shiny ruingross was crystal

i was thinking of using the regular ruin mega cause rock head, head smash is fun

also wood hammer

i think i had that on my non shiny one

any thoughts for the other two metagross?

i was thinking i maybe have the spider one be more bulky cause sticky web and poison heal and maybe running the normal metagross scarfed/banded but idk

you guys wanna join a tourney on the sim? (sorry for this unrelated question)

im a bit of a novice when it comes to competitive so ill probably get demolished but sure why not,

havent even finished the game

here is where all the participants Tournament on simulator here is the sim