Armored D.Volcaronna (Analyzed ep.1)

" Once you enter my line of sight, I shall send you strait into oblivion. "
-Armored D.Volcaronna.

Hi guys, girls, space-shattering-moth and anything in-between! Here, I am starting a project. Its basically Smogon-like analysis about insurgence metagames. Not only deltas, but also “official” Pokémon. I know people already done things like this before, but yeah, its before. I never saw something past 1.2.3 and many things has changed since.
Be warned, since there is no competitive usage stats avaliable, I do not have any reliable ways to accurately predict the metagame. This analysis is theoretical and does not entirely reflect a Pokémon’s viability.

Today, we are talking about a big one: Armored D.Volcaronna. Most people says he is S+ tier in Insurgence OU. And they are right. I think it is the most polarizing Pokémon in the metagame as much as Primal Groudon in Ubers. Why? Let’s begin, shall we?

EDIT: Hum… Hey, its future PH74 talking here. Hum, so, after doing this series for longer, I realized how incredibly DUMB I am. Shure, D.Volcarona don’t have many switch-In thanks to its dual STAB in Corrodes and Dark Pulse hitting almost anything neutrally and having a godlike movepool, but I think I was biased from how good I saw its lack of weakness and I haven’t really noticed it don’t have much good resistances. I also highly overestimated its physical bulk, as uninvested 85/85 is not really good.

Typing, Stats, Abilities & Movepool

Ability: Levitate
Hp: 85
Atk: 60
Def: 85
SpA: 135
SpD: 137
Spe: 100

When equipped with his armour, he become a beast. With a bulk of 85/85/137, he is a good special wall even uninvested. 100 Speed and 135 SpA isn’t bad either! He gets the jump on key Pokémon such as Landorus-T and speed tie with Mega Gardevoir and the 3 Charizards.

However, his best advantage is its typing and ability. Dark/Poison is good defensively, having only a sole weakness in ground. it also gives him a Toxic Immunity, extremely useful on defensive and supportive sets. But then, he levitates and turn a glaring weakness into immunity. O. EME. GEE. He virtually has no weakness against anything that doesn’t use Gravity or that has Mold Breaker. That also give him immunity to Spikes and the rarer Permafrost and Livewire.

On the defensive and support side, he has what he wants. Toxic, reliable recovery on Roost, Wirlwind, Infestation, Defog, Toxic Spikes, Taunt, Pursuit, U-Turn and Wildfire. These are attributes other Pokémon would kill for. But thats not all! he also have priceless offensives options in Spacial Rend, Aura Sphere, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Sludge Wave, Corrodes, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam, Surf, Earth Power, Lunar Canon, Flash Canon, Signal Beam, Giga Drain, Knock Off, Venonshock, Energy Ball, Psychic, Hyperspace Hole, Blizzard, Explosion and Hurricane. Heh, not too shabby?
Heck! He is also wonderfull in double with access to Tailwind and Protect!

Sets suggestions

Given its previously mentioned attributes, he is both usable offensively and defensively. Here are some set examples. This doesn’t, cover all his potential sets as we would require a whole page to list them all but here are the generals. It is very customizable and can be adjusted in almost any way possible for your team.


Delta Volcaronna @ D.Volcaronna Armor
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 Hp / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Bold/Impish Nature
-Knock Off/Corrodes

This one is a fully supportive set utilizing Knock Off. Moves are pretty straightforward. The 4th moveslot of a choice if you want him better matchup against Hazards setter and defensive Pokémon, Burn the opponent and further increase bulk, make him a phazer or some good old Toxic.


Delta Volcaronna @ D.Volcaronna Armor
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 Hp / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
Carefull Nature
-Toxic Spikes
-Knock Off/Earth Power

While looking like the Defog Set, it is quite different in usage. Are put in Special Defence to better handle defoggers and hazards control method in Latios, Latias and Zapdos. Earth Power is used to smack Mega Diancie and Heatran that think they are safe.


Delta Volcaronna @ D.Volcaronna Armor
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
-Dark Pulse
-Earth Power
-Toxic Spikes/Roost

This set is by far the most intuitive and the most versatile. Corrodes and Dark Pulse are really good STABs to begin with, The third and fourth moveslot really depends on your team. I chose Earth Power because ic cover a lof of Pokémon that can take D.Volcarona’s attack and Toxic Spikes to get a great matchup against bulkyer teams. Thunderbolt, Spacial Rend, Dazzling Gleam, Surf, Giga Drain, Taunt, Knock Off, Roost, Flash Canon, Psychic and Energy Ball are all viable alternatives. Anything could be mixed together and it won’t only work, it would be GOOD.


Delta Volcaronna @ D.Volcaronna Armor
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 Hp / 186 SpA / 72 Spe
Timid Nature
-Dark Pulse / Corrode

This one is more about bypassing defensive check in Chansey and the gang with Toxic, healing their weak attacks and preventing their recovery. 72 Speed allows to outspeed Max Speed Timid Heatran, but more speed can be used to outspeed other defensive treats.

Other options

U-Turn generates momentum on almost any set and is generally good anywhere, but the Four Moveslot Syndrom hinder him a little sometimes. Both Defog and T-Spikes could be run on the same set of role compression is importent for your team. Offensive Defog also works very well. Pursuit, while using its weaker attack, allow to trap Gengar and Ground locked Choice Scarf/Band.

Good teammates

  • Amoonguss makes a good teammate as it draw Psychic-Types attacks. As a return, they both form a defensive core almost impossible for Keldeo to break. EDIT: Hum… Hey, its future PH74 talking here. You see, this is one of the thing I’ve got totally wrong. Keldeo has enough power to meld through Delta Volcarona easily with Secret Swords, especially Choice Specs.
  • Hazards Weak Pokémon appreciate the Defog support it can provide. Such example includes Mega Typhlosion, Mega Charizard X and Y for Stealth Rocks and Heatran, Ferrothorn for Spikes and Volcaronna for pretty much all of them.
  • Sweepers and Walbreakers that appreciate the foe to be poisoned and worn down greatly appreciate defensive Pokémon to be worn down are great teammates for the T-Spikes variants.
  • Landorus-T can provide intimidate support, form a Volt-Turn core and revenge kill threats like Mega Gyarados, Mega Metagross and Excadrill outside Sand that can be overwhelming for A.D.Vocaronna.
  • Dragonite and Delta Arcanine appreciate Fairy to be checked and defog support to keep his Multiscale intact.
  • Since fighting types ofter have higher attack, Psychic types are notable teammates. In return, D.Volcaronna check problematic Dark and Ghost types. Good ones includes Mega Alakazam, Mega Gardevoir, and the Latis Twins.

Checks and Counter

  • Mold Breaker users such as Mega Gyarados and Hazorus are amoung the best since they eliminate its ground immunity.
  • Physical Wallbreaker that hit hard enough will do the job, Mega Medichamp, Mega Ruingross, Mega Crawdaunt and Swords Dance Garchomp.
  • Tyranitar, especially the armoured support variant, has enough special defence and the resistances to almost don’t care about what offensive A.D.Volcaronna can trow at it and paralyse it or slap it with Stone Edge. He does, however, fear Toxic and Wildfire from supportive sets.
  • Mega Spidergross Combine the two trait above while also resisting Poison.
  • Burns, while not being direct counter, weaken it over time as he has no leftovers.
  • Excadrill is A.D.Volcaronna best counter when holding a Choice Scarf and Mold Breaker. Poison Immunity, Mold Breaker and Rapid Spin to prevent T-Spikes. Plus, since Stealth Rock has more PP then Defog, he wins the Hazards War. EDIT: At the time, I haven’t fully realized what Corrode’s secondary effect implicated. So in this case, A.D.Volcarona can check non-scarf Excdrill on most of its sets thanks to corrodes. As such, D.Spidergross is clearly the best counter.


There is no deny that Reurka probably succeeded when he said he wanted to create a perfect Pokémon. There is only little way A.D.Volcaronna isn’t Top Tier thanks to its typing, ability, stats and moveset unpredictablility. Scouting what set he is using will be a key to handle him, and it will likely be at the cost of a Pokémon or crucial momentum.

So? What about it? Was this analyse too poor? What do you think about Armoured Delta Volcaronna? What Pokémon should I tackle next? Let me know in the comments below!

EDIT: If you want to summarize this first analysed episode, GiaPeNiw made an excellent summary in the comments section:


Wow. I. Am. ASTOUNDED! I am at a loss of words. I cannot IMAGINE anyone better than you and @ezlaturbo at this! Once again, AAAAMMMMMMAAAAAZZZZZIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!


Well, I cannot accurately predict the metagame and my sets EV Spread are mostly rudimental. I could have gone into more specific spread, especially on the supportive ones, to mix between Def and SpD to survive specifics calcs, but I had Math homework to do and I wanted to do something quick. Turns out it took me 2h to write this off, look at the potentials counters and the sets.


This is legendary man!! I have a volcarona but not an armor. I will get it and use D. Volcarone the whole post-game using these tips! Once again, thank you!


The only thing that is sorta poor here is the spelling and grammar and if you want ill be more than willing to do a grammar/spelling check @PeterHolmes74


and i still cant beleive u typed all that in detail . so whenez the next episode coming in

Armored Delta Volc is so Overrated IMO, and I am not the only one that says this

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I mean, is it really THAT overrated. Sure, it’s really popular but overrated, nah. Peter just went into immense detail why it’s good so I don’t think it’s overrated IMO

Just don’t forget English is not my main language. Yeah, cheep shot argument but still. I was trying to do something real quick so I didn’t corrected myself. I mean, if I write SO BAD, and my opinion are way off the track, please tell me and I’ll stop right away.


No,no,no, you don’t write bad, it was that I didn’t know it wasn’t your first language, I’m very sorry if it offended you, I didn’t mean to. @PeterHolmes74

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why sludge wave over sludge bomb if its not in doubles?


Sludge bomb is blocked by bulletproof
Sludge Wave do more Damage

the only pokemon with bulletproof is chesnaught and delta liepard ( I think) which are both like, never used. Even if you did see them, liepard has 50 sp. defense and chesnaught has 75, which both suck. chesnaught also has many weaknesses. even if sludge wave does 5 more damage, sludge bomb has 30% chance to poison while sludge wave has 10% chance. I feel like a 20% more chance to poison more than makes up for a 5 damage difference.

Use Sludge bomb over Sludge wave can
make a diference that can screw you
If you want to use toxic spikes or toxic
it’s better to use this move that sludge bomb
The poison provoked by the Attacking move is not the Badly Poison
just the normal poison
And for offensive variants
It’s still better to use more damege than status condition
Cause in some time
This poson can screw you over if you want, for example
Paralize a foe to outspeed the same
this posion will enter in the way and can make you lost a match
That’s why this option


Sludge Wave or Sludge Bomb is really what you prefer. Because Kommo-O isn’t in the game, the two are about equally viable.


Well, Wave hits teammates, and Bomb allows concentrated damage. And Armor is not even it’s only viable option. You can run Specs or Scarf, or Leftovers if you want. Mold Breaker Excadrill isn’t nearly as good as Sand Rush in this gen/meta, except as a lead/spinner, so the only thing I see consistently hitting it is Haxorus, and maybe a few strong physical wallbreakers. I personally think it could be banned to Ubers, due to it’s firepower and few checks, all of which only counter certain sets. For example, Chansey can wall it, if offensive and chip with Seismic Toss, but that’s its only option and loses utility if it’s running Knock Off in it’s last slot. Haxorus can’t consistently outspeed either.


But then again, wave is completely viable until we have double battle options in the simulator. WE DON’T EVEN HAVE VOLCARONA IN THE SIM!

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Faster physical attacker also ruins it because while good, 85/85 isn’t particularly outstanding. Terrakium, Mega Gallade are great example. But yeah, might be banned. We can’t know for sure.



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We NEED Insurgence VGC tho