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Another delta dropbox

yeah, so these r trendy and I’m terrible at deciding things I’m making this.

Just drop a request in the replies and ima make one, it might be off from the request but you’ll get what you wanted for the most part


Thank you for continuing my work in a sense. Here are all the requests I didn’t get to, if you want to give them a try. I’ll put the name of the requester next to each one (sorry in advance for mentioning you guys).

JojoBoss247 (I’ll just ping @Piazziami861 so he can tell Jojo I remembered): Ground Type Grookey line, with Rillaboom being part Fighting.
@pokemonster97: Electric-Fairy Beedrill line.
@Crystal: Poison-Psychic Oshawott line.
@BlackCinders: Fairy-Water Reshiram, Fairy-Ground Zekrom, and Fairy-Steel Kyurem.
@ShayminUp7: Grass-Fighting Furret (with a Mega) and Poison-Fairy Shaymin (check here for the full post, including beta images).
@Taco: Poison Type Panpour, Bug Type Pansage, and Psychic Type Pansear lines.
@pokenmaster: Unspecified Delta Necrozma.

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the first i will tackle is the three legendary dragons.

this will be tough as i will have to make dragons into fairies.

Dragon parts are indistinguishable but how do i change them into creatures related to the fae while keeping them looking like their original selves.

i may also have to make seperate D-Kyurem forms for other ones such as D-B-Kyurem or D-W-Kyurem

but i love a challenge so ill take it.

this may be necroed in the future but we would have to wait

yeah i give up
i hate this challenge
im doing electric beedrill

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I’m too :grinning: