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Announcing the Insurgence Launcher


In the past a fair amount of our players have been saying they have had difficulties with installing the game. To resolve this issue, I have been working on building something to make this somewhat easier. To this end, I present to you the public beta for the Insurgence Launcher. The launcher will automatically download, extract and install the game in the game directory. Besides this, it will patch your game if a new version is released, detects if you are missing core files in your installation and offers a repair button to easily reinstall the game.

To use the Insurgence Launcher, you require a currently support version of Windows (Vista Service Pack 2 and up), and administrator privileges on your user account (this of course for creating the directories and folders for your game). Windows Vista and 7 will also require .NET framework 4.5, which you can download here.

As this is still a public beta, bugs can still occur. Please report bugs you might encounter as detailed as possible here

You can download the launcher itself through the link below:

Launcher's update?
Problem with safari friend , help!
Can't play the game, or rather, can't start it up

Any chance/way that I can get this to work with my Wineskin? I set the Wineskin to run this exe instead of Game.exe, but it only sits in my dock a couple seconds, then goes away.


We can still separately download and play Insurgence without the installer, right?


Yes, you can.


YES! YES! Final update release iminent!


Not really no.


7 months is imminent in Insurgence time. :joy:


I got a message from my virus protector when installing this way.


Yeah I downloaded this a long time ago, but without the launcher. I just wanted to bring it up to the creators attention.


So the launcher is unavailable for Mac?


The framework the launcher is written on is unavailable for Mac, besides this Mac requires a completely different approach to downloading and launching the game. Therefore there is no Mac launcher available.


How does it effect the game if you downloaded the launcher if you have the already working game


It doesn’t, it will download it in a different location and then run it from there.


if i have the seperately downloaded version can i put my saves into the launcher version?


Saves carry over anyhow, as they are stored in a separate folder


My anti-spyware software is convinced the launcher is trying to install something literally called ‘Trojan.win32.generic’, and deletes the entire launcher mid-install. Can you please name your core files something that doesn’t scream Virus = very yes? The launcher seems far more convenient than trying to install this myself and praying I can keep my save when I update.

Downloading Insurgence Problems

The launcher, nor the game does not come with a file with that name.


Had suze set up something like before, I could have had something like this (even with Mac support) months ago.


thats cool.


This is perfect timing since I lost my game save file, had to start over and later the game kept crashing due to missing files but when I downloaded the launcher it fixed it right up and got back my old files with no problems!

The launcher is so much easier, I love it!