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This category is meant to offer or request Pokemon for trades in Pokemon Insurgence.

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Trading back to myself
LF:Delta Charmander
Offering Shiny Magmar!
Looking for zoronite plz help
Any offer for perfect 31 IV Bannette (level46 Brave nature) ? Requesting for Shinys or Deltas with good ivs and nature
Charizardite required
Haunter to Gengar
Looking for a larvitar
Anyone have a Razor Claw
Speed Boosted Combusten
Shiny female delta ralts they don't want?
Looking for some shinys
Eevee Mega Stone
Looking for ghost/dragons
Delta munchlax
Looking for a Dawn Stone
Looking for delta Riolu
Need help evolving my delta phantump
Could someone give me a few type boosting items?
I need a delta Ralts (male)
In need of Pokerus Mon
Looking for shiftrite
New to the game
Needs A Pokemon With Pokerus
Torchic wanted
I search a Duosion (safari friend or trade)
Need Pokerus!
Searching D-Squirtle/Bulbasaur
Need Jolly/Adamant Talonflame with hidden ability
Looking for shinies
LF Delta Torchic with HA
Help Trading Pokemon to a Different Save File
Charity case
Delta Pikachu
Anyone willing to part with their Zygarde?
Request: Male Impish Growlithe
Need help trading my pokemons to my new account
Does someone give a totodile
Iv Stone and heart scales for Zoronite
Poison touch croagunk
Anyone trading delta munchlax for any delta?
Someone give my ambipom its hidden ability?
Delta ditto needed will give back
Help me! 2nd gym leader nightmare
Need dawn stone
Froakie or Frogadier
Looking for a trash male snorlax
Just Started: Trading Shiny Dugtrio
Trade me Dragonite/Dratini with HA
Poison touch croagunk
Helping me trade to other safe file
I need feebas plz help

When i try to do online the screen just goes black :confused: