Looking for a trash male snorlax

Apparently I released mine. Woops.

But ya, IVs and nature don’t matter - looking for any male snor or munchlax male because I want to breed some charmanders with bellydrum because I imagine bellydrum charizard X with draco jet is going to be OP as hell.

I have some gifts I can offer as a thank you in a 5-6 IV pokes…Bellydrum marril w/ aquajet, relaxed larvitar with pursuit, jolly moldbreaker drilbur, modest charmander, jolly beldum, mixed wall hippopotas w/whirlwind and slackoff, or special wall maile. Alternatively I could just breed you a jolly or adamant 5-6 IV charmander with bellydrum.

Did you get the munchlax egg?

Ah - I tried to minimize using a guide. I had no idea that was there!

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