Searching D-Squirtle/Bulbasaur

to this point someones should already know me xp i am a specialist in losing time hatching shinies and trading them for pokes i just want for sentimentalisms so in this case i repeat that formula since 1.2 should be very near i think that i want to have the full experience having the 3 starters in team doesnt matter nature shiny ivs or anything just want it for the history mode if i want to make them competitive i get to pokepon and thats all SO tell me what poke you want me 2 get and i get it thats how it works my vacations are finishing so i tell you this you can order a normal pokemon (Not shiny) and a iv stone or just 2 iv stones would be usefull with deltas.

Please follow the default trading template for both this post and your other trade post

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oh i see , that main data doesnt appeared when i do my posts maybe because i already had start writing before selecting trade i will keep it in consideration thanks