X & Y REVAMPED (Part 1)

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Hello everyone! I’m here today to REVAMP X & Y. Kalos was my favorite generation for a few reasons: The Anime, The Manga, The Pokemon, but NOT THE GAMES! WHAT?

The issue: The Kalos games were played too safe IMO, and I’m gonna be a bit risky. The game will be harder, yet you won’t be able to play it. I will also be making soem plot changes, as this is for a remake of the game. I’m giving myself access to Alolan Pokemon, and pokemon will have access to moves that would make sense. Since this is a remake, no TM’s will be included, and I have a fun way of replacing them. Also, we have a little thing in this game called Trust Moves, but I’m gonna keep quiet about that for now. And yes, Mega Evolution is coming back. And I am gonna be incorporating a little bit of the manga if it works. Alright, is everyone ready?

Little note: I have removed the relaxed and challenge mode options.

Too bad…I’m starting anyway.

The intro is fine, I’m not changing that. When you go to Aquacorde Town, you, Serena/Calem & Shauna meet up with Tierno & Trevor. You 3 each get your starter, (Shauna weak to yours, Serena/Calem strong to yours) and right about when you and Shauna are about to battle, a tremor shakes the town, and Xerneas & Yveltal can be seen fighting. A mysterious figure with a Honedge peeks behind you and whispers “No…” as Xerneas & Yveltal touch. As they touch, a ultra wormhole opens up, and the mysterious figure leaps out and has their Honedge successfully block you, Serena/Calem & Trevor from entering the wormhole. Sadly, they didn’t get to Shauna & Tierno in time, and they succumb to the wormhole. Then, Zygarde appears and breaks the two up. The tremor stops. Trevor goes up to the person, and they reveal themselves to be a guy your age named Alan. He explains that Ultra wormhole time is very sped up. 1 hour for them is one day for us. He also mentions how a bunch of wild pokemon and people are in the wormhole, and that pokemon gain triple experience in the wormhole. Your mom then rides in on her rhyhorn and asks if everyone is okay. Serena/Calem tells her what happened, and after that they all go into your house to rest up. As you walk out, you can see a shadow of Lysandre, and he says just you wait…

What did you think? Comment below. And I will see you in the next one!


the anime was bad serena was just BAD! She blushed she kissed ash she sucked and she was jealous of that other kid

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the manga was great tho

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this is cool

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Serena haters can get the ■■■■ out of here. She is not as bad as you think. She was way more than that.

By the way, what good does it do you to hate on an anime character? Like, that is low.


i was always low ;(

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i mostly hated the anime because of ash

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lowkey same.

please tell me you just got rid of shauna and tierno permanently


They won’t be around for a large chunk, I can say that much.


thanks lol


To be frank, seeing Xerneas and Yveltal fighting makes 0 sens as they are both in a coma state for roughly 1000+ years. And I mean…The plot is 100% different from XY, so there is no chance this is a remake. Closer to a fangame.


Have you read the manga before?


And trust me, everything will be explained soon.

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Nope, but again, you incorporate the manga enough to destructurise the established canon of the game.

Still looking forward to the next part.

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i only read volume 1 of the manga ;(

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Jojo where do you read the manga? Is there a site or you bought it or the library

Split the cash and go to the library. I guess there are other illegal ways to read it for free but still.


My library doesn’t have all the book… ;(

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Cough Cough, Good choice, Cough Cough

YAY My cousin gets to be in this game :smiley: Surfboarding with him is fun

Awww, those are my favorite snack tho :frowning:

I bet I can predict one of them! “Trust Fall” :open_mouth:

They recovered from that coma somewhat quickly >:O

Good riddens

Timezones mess up everything huh?


MOM Seriously! I told you to take the car instead, you’re embarrasing me again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Wait a minute, I have a pokemon card of you! :smiley: Can you sign it for me! Say, To my best pal, Squishy! (You might know this anime lovers)

I don’t want to, and you can’t make me, hmph