X-Delta Whoopinbell

You ready for Bell-Shoop and Da Whoopinbell!!! Delta Weepinbell commissioned from @Carnation1

Delta Bellsprout: (Electric)
The Flailing Pokemon
Ability: Motor Drive
Hidden Ability: Lightning rod

Dex Entry: Since this pokemon can not see, it runs around blindly trying not to bump into anything. Its head it extremely fragile you don’t often see this pokemon for many of them shatter before evolving.

Delta Weepinbell: (Electric/Steel)
The Laser Pokemon
Ability: Levitate
Hidden Ability: Pre-Charged

Dex Entry: Suddenly losing its limbs and gaining eyesight this pokemon is in a constant state of panic. It’s triggerhappy nature and constant charging keeps at least one mouth firing lasers at any point of time.

Pre-Charged: Instead of waiting a turn to charge, the turn where the Pokémon charges is skipped and the Pokémon immediately attacks.


victrebel D:

love both of them tho, especially the bellsprout head :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbh forgot he existed

I’ll get on that

This is amazing! Good job!