[WIP] Guide to All Quartz Flute and HM Locations


This is a collaborative guide, so feel free to comment corrections, suggestions, requests, and new contributions, as well as leave your name so I can give due credit :))

*Update (Mar '22): sry for the long hiatus on this, still slowly working through it. feel free to msg me on disc (hulaunicorns#6737) if u dont wanna add entries yourself.

*Update (8/10): redesigned the guide, and added all the delta locations (with help from @Jasuanti from discord), a few other locations, as well as a few tips that could be generally useful for playthroughs.


  • Credit for all things in bold go to @SandBiter555. I used a lot of information from his Quartz Flute Location guide, so thanks Sand and everyone else on there (credit was given for individuals that Sand used in his guide as well)
  • Everyone who has contributed to the Insurgence Wiki, you guys did such a good job and it’s helped both with my playthrough and with the guide

(P.S please comment/dm me on disc if you have any questions or concerns about this. Thanks!)